[ccwg-internet-governance] Summary of today's CCWG on IG call

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We should ask ourselves and the fuller community -why was the week shortened? Who asked for that? The Board or the Community?-Why did the public aspects of the Board meetings disappear, in spite of concerns of the community?-Why is the Public Forum shortened  -- and a cocktail hour substituted for real discourse?
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> Dear Bill,
> On 24/01/2015 17:28, William Drake wrote:
> > Everyone, the Singapore schedule seems a real mess for us, with the
> > CCWIG moved to Monday and competing with the CCWG Accountability, and
> > the public IG session moved to Thursday and competing with CWG
> > Stewardship as well as the GNSO Wrap Up etc.  I don’t know if anything
> > can be done at this point, but these two sessions may have relatively
> > low attendance and difficulty attracting ‘speakers’…perhaps an
> > argument for keeping things flexible and a bit informal….
> The meeting schedules have been a recurring mess since the week got
> shortened while new topics have been added. The public session also
> clashes with the ALAC wrap up. I am not too concerned with the clash
> with the CWG IANA Stewardship since I'd imagine that by that time many
> will be sick of that topic. But who knows? At this stage we really do
> not have a choice. But I am realistic and share the same concerns.
> Kind regards,
> Olivier
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