[ccwg-internet-governance] ccNSO position on the changes to the charter

Young-eum Lee yesunhoo at gmail.com
Thu Jun 25 07:08:40 UTC 2015

All, I would like to report that the ccNSO had discussed the changes to the
ccwg-ig charter during its meeting in Singapore in February and again in
the March 19 teleconference. I am attaching the council minutes for the two
meetings and am including the text mentioning the ccwg-ig charter below.

** Council meeting, Feb. 11, Singapore

*3 Update Cross-Community Working Group on Internet Governance *

Bart Boswinkel reported that the Cross-Community Working Group on Internet
Governance met last Wednesday and that the group would consult the ccNSO
Council on its charter regarding the approach towards observers. He noted
that the group would like to welcome observers to the group in a similar
fashion as the CWG.

*** Council call, March 19*

*3 Internet Governance*

3.1 Cross-Community Working Group Internet Governance Update

3.2 New Co-Chair

The Chair noted that the ccNSO appointed co-chair of the CCWG IG, Jordan
Carter, had indicated that he would need to step down from this role due to
other engagements. He further noted that a new candidate would be presented
to the Council for a vote on the Council email list.

3.3 Proposed Interpretation of “observers”

The Chair noted that there is an ongoing discussion within the
Cross-Community Working Group on Internet Governance on how to define the
term ‘observers’.

Lesley Cowley asked whether the discussion is in regard to working groups
only or also to the observers of the Councils.

Bart Boswinkel noted that this matter refers to Article 9 in the ICANN
bylaws and that the issue had emerged within the large cross-community
working groups. He note that the CWG had agreed on the term ‘participants’
instead of ‘observers’.

Becky Burr noted that the definition of ‘participants’ had worked well for
the CWG, noting that whilst the participants, as opposed to the members, do
not have voting right, they still take an active part in the discussions.

As can be seen above, our charter is good to go in terms of the ccNSO.

- kind regards,
- Young-eum Lee

Young-eum Lee
Dept. of Media Arts & Sciences <http://mas.knou.ac.kr/>, Korea National
Open University <http://www.knou.ac.kr/>
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