[ccwg-internet-governance] IGF 2015; CCWG SESSION ON IANA TRANSITION PROCESS

Ron Baione ron.baione at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 8 20:09:26 UTC 2015

Quick refresh on the definition of multistakeholderism for the CEOs, lawyers, government representatives and registry owners participating in ICANN who designate themselves to incorrectly "require" opinions to be first legitimized by one's employment status:

"A stakeholder refers to an individual, group, or organization that has a direct or indirect interest or stake in a particular organization, these may be businesses, civil society, governments, research institutions, and non-government organizations.

Multistakeholderism is a framework and means of engagement, it is not a means of legitimization. Legitimization comes from people, from work with and among people. Multistakeholder processes could and should enhance democracy by increasing opportunities for effective participation by those most directly impacted by decisions and particularly those at the GRASSROOTS who so often are voiceless in these processes.[4]"


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