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Good evening

For those at IGF more details of WSIS+10 main session on Tuesday;



Dear friends,

[With apologies for cross-posting]

On behalf of the session co-organisers, you are cordially invited to attend the IGF main session “Ten-Year Review of the World Summit on the Information Society: Developing Messages from the IGF Community”, taking place from 09:00 to 12:30 on Tuesday, November 10/ Day 1.

The session, which will be joined by the UN General Assembly WSIS+10 Co-facilitators - H.E. Mr. Janis Maieiks and H.E. Mrs. Lana Zaki Nusseibeh, who will be participating as active observers, will give the IGF audience a unique opportunity to share their views on the most recent draft of the WSIS+10 Review Process outcome document<http://workspace.unpan.org/sites/Internet/Documents/UNPAN95572.pdf>.

The session will consist of three parts:





09:00 - 09:15

PART 1: Setting the scene/ Info sharing


Host Chair + MAG Chair

09:15 - 09:45


09:45 - 12:10

PART 2: Developing messages from the IGF community

Interactive open mike interaction based on Draft Outcome Document<http://workspace.unpan.org/sites/Internet/Documents/UNPAN95572.pdf>

IGF community

12:10 - 12:30

PART 3: Recap of key messages



Moderators: H.E. Amb. Benedicto Fonseca Filho, Lynn St. Amour, Ginger Paque (remote)

  *   Part 1: Setting the scene. After introductory remarks by the host country chair and the MAG chair, UNGA Co-facilitators will give an update on the state of the formal WSIS+10 preparatory process.

  *   Part 2: Developing messages from the IGF community. In this part of the session, IGF stakeholders will be invited to share their views on the WSIS+10 with the aim to develop messages from the IGF community as input into the WSIS+10 Review process. The basis for the interaction will be the WSIS+10 Review Draft Outcome Document, available here: http://workspace.unpan.org/sites/Internet/Documents/UNPAN95572.pdf

In what constitutes an IGF first, in this part of the session, comments from the audience will be collected through an interactive,NETmundial-style consultation process. Inputs will rotate across 5 microphones, with 4 dedicated to each IGF stakeholder community, and one microphone reserved for remote participants. Guiding questions for this part of the session are pasted below. These questions are subject to change.

  *   Part 3: In this part of the session, summary of key messages from part 2 will be presented by session rapporteurs.

For more information about the the session, please visit the session webpage<https://igf2015.sched.org/event/36d281cae8662bf812a9dff2c6c4ae26?iframe=no&w=&sidebar=yes&bg=no#.Vj87imThDZs>.

Please share this info with your networks!

We look forward to seeing you soon in Joao Pessoa.

Warm wishes,

Lea Kaspar, Marilyn Cade, Shita Laksmi, Lynn St. Amour, Jandyr Ferreira dos Santos



Section 1: ICT4D

Time: 40 minutes (=20 individual 2-min interventions, 4 per mic)

  *   How can ICTs be harnessed for sustainable development? What insights and experiences from the last 10 years should be highlighted by the review?

  *   What concrete measures can help bridge the digital divide, including between and within countries, and between women and men?

  *   How can the IGF community contribute to the implementation of the SDGs and achieving ICT4D for all?

  *   There has been a call to link the SDG framework with the WSIS framework. How could this be done and what could be the role of the IGF in these efforts?

Section 2: Internet Governance

Time: 40 minutes  (=20 individual 2-min interventions, 4 per mic)

  *   What should the main goals of Internet governance be now and in the future?

  *   For how long should the IGF mandate be extended? How should improvements be implemented? What should be role of UN?

  *   What are the respective roles of governments and non-governmental stakeholders? How do you view their fulfillment over the last 10 years and how should they develop in the future?

  *   How can Enhanced Cooperation across the IG ecosystem be improved through the WSIS framework?

Section 3: Implementation and follow up

Time: 20 minutes  (=10 individual 2-min interventions, 2 per mic)

  *   What financing mechanisms should be put in place to implement WSIS outcomes?

  *   The review of implementation of the WSIS outcomes has taken place at 5-year intervals. How often should reviews take place and what should be their nature?

  *   What role can the IGF and various national and regional IGFs play in WSIS implementation and follow-up?

  *   What should be the objectives of the annual WSIS Forum and the CSTD with respect to WSIS?

Section 4: Other (questions in this section might end up being included under above sections, depending on structure of draft)

Time: 40 minutes (=10 individual 2-min interventions, 4 per mic + 20 individual 1 min interventions, 4 per mic)

  *   How should human rights issues related to ICTs be addressed in the outcome document?

  *   How should the outcome document handle present and emerging concerns about cybersecurity?

  *   Is a global approach to data privacy required?


Lea Kaspar

Head of Programmes and International Policy | GLOBAL PARTNERS DIGITAL

Development House, 56–64 Leonard Street, London EC2A 4LT

T: +44 (0)20 7549 0337 | M: +44 (0)7583 929216 | Skype: l.kaspar

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