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As noted, things in NY are fluid.  I appreciate your sharing this for informational purposes, Veni.However, the drafting has moved on, so I would counsel against too much angst or drafting against this document.
What it is very useful for is to understand the views of different countries, and to consider, especially if you are a ccTLDor a company or NGO with presence in a country, whether you have shared your views with your country government contacts, so that they can share with their colleagues in NY.

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Date: Tue, 24 Nov 2015 20:54:19 +0000
Subject: [ccwg-internet-governance] WSIS+10 documents

Attached is a compilation distributed through one of the mailing lists I am on earlier today. It includes *all* proposals, from all member states, which
 will give you some idea what the document might have looked like. 
Some of the ideas inside are still being discussed, and will be reflected in the next version of the co-facilitators draft. But some will not be. No need to worry
 or do anything – this is for information only. 
However, if you have some comments, please, let me know. Likewise, if you have questions, just ask.

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