[ccwg-internet-governance] WSIS+10 full program of side events + registration + some info on Nov. 24-25 negotiations

Veni Markovski veni.markovski at icann.org
Fri Nov 27 15:35:03 UTC 2015

Hi, everyone! 
Further to my previous message, you may have seen already the program
http://unpan3.un.org/wsis10/GA-High-Level-Meeting/Side-Events, and you may
want to register for the side events (if you're planning to be in New York
for the meeting), the direct link is



What happened on 24th and 25th of November is that the discussion continued
on most of the "hot issues"; for the interest of this group, I'd say that
there's still no agreement on language about Internet governance. Some
countries propose that paragraph 12 should be deleted; others suggest edits,
including replacing the word "multilateral" with "multistakeholder", or use
them simultaneously. 
On the chapter Internet governance, there are still arguments on mainly the
first couple of paragraphs, while the last three (58,59 and 60 seem to be
more or less OK). 
On enhanced cooperation - still very difficult to see compromise. 


The co-facilitators will have a tremendous task, but I urge you as soon as
their draft is published (December 7), to send them comments, and to send
these comments via your foreign ministries to the respected Missions to the
UN. There will be really one 24 hours for making this communication
possible. There's no reason to discuss the compilation text from November
25th, as it is full with suggestions and proposals, and edits, etc., but
what of these will be used in the next draft - it's up to the






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