[ccwg-internet-governance] IMPORTANT: Follow-up to today's conference call - Public Internet Governance Session in Dublin

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Mon Oct 5 14:08:37 UTC 2015


So we just did a CCWIG call and agreed

>>>>> 1. WSIS+10 - the process, the goals, the policies, how it affects ICANN
>>>>> Moderator: Matthew Shears

Nigel Hickson

Konstantinos Komaitis

Desiree Miloshevic 

A woman, preferably from the global South (help)

>>>>> 2. The IGF meeting and the larger politics around it.
>>>>> Moderator: William Drake

Virat Bhatia, AT&T / IGF MAG, India

Jeremy Malcolm, Electronic Frontiers Foundation, US

Markus Kummer, ICANN board

A woman, preferably from the global South (help)

Nigel and KK have accepted, everyone else needs to be invited by staff or co-chairs, then we can list at https://dublin54.icann.org/en/dublin54/schedule/thu-ig <https://dublin54.icann.org/en/dublin54/schedule/thu-ig> 


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