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Nigelthanks for the placeholder.
One thought: So, at our last meeting in BA we introduced the WSIS+10 processes and tried to describe relevance.
This seems to be phase 2, which is both an update on WSIS+10 processes/timeline as well as an overview of the IGF 2015, with a focus on ICANN's objectives. 
To fully utilize the purpose of the CCWG-IG, I urge that the staff present the draft of proposed ICANN objectives for the IGF 2015 to the CCWG-IG, perhaps in  the form of just a short memo, or perhaps on a call, before presenting as a fait acommpi during the CCWG-IG, thus utilizing the stakeholders in the CCWG as advisors and information resources. 
Taking that preparatory step would undoubtedly be appreciated by the CCWG-IG. 
I do have a couple of questions about the draft write up.
you suggest that this seasion is organized 'with' the CCWG-IG. I thought it was organized by the CCWG-IG, but perhaps I misunderstand.  As it is written it seems to be organized by staff, rather than the CCWG organizing with the support of staff... 
Second issue with present write up:"consider other pertinent IG issues, such as calls for the UN to be the platform to regulate all IG issues, including role of ICANN". 
This is coming across a a little 'inflammatory in tone, and might be misconveying the realities.  
there are proposals for status quo, proposals for minimal changes, proposals for new mechanisms for cyber security/cyber crime [which is not about ICANN's role at all], possible proposals [unclear ] about "enhanced cooperation" among states ... and some of those have 5 supporting states, or 15, or 2, or undefined... 
This  public session on Internet Governance issues, organised with the CCWG on IG, will discuss the latest developments on the WSIS+10 Review; preview the IGF 2015 in Brazil and consider other pertinent IG issues; such as calls for the UN to be the platform to regulate all IG issues; including role of ICANN. 
I really urge the session to focus on facts, and awareness. There will be the usual 40+ really well informed participants -- from stakeholders, and several GAC members who are carrying dual portfolios so well informed of WSIS+10, IG implications, and also how ICANN role may be implicated... BUT, if you have 800 attendees at ICANN, for instance, only at best 1% of your participants will be likely to truly be well informed about the WSIS+10 processes and implications. 
Right now, there is still the question of whether to analyze the original submissions, for instance, and whether there are really resources to undertake that. IF it is done, it would be useful, I think, but we may want to assess what is reasonable to accomplish.  Then, consider how it can be used? I originally thought it would be very useful, but time has passed and now I wonder if resources are available... 
When you hold the session, there will be multiple interesting 'factual' resources: the Zero Draft; the submissions/comments on the Zero Draft, and even the actual occurrence of the Stakeholder Consultation day. ; the 1.5 day meeting of the WSIS Council WG, the Internet Public Policy WG/ITU, etc. 
Understanding these processes and their implications for IG, and for ICANN seems to me to be the best use of the 90 minutes. 
As to describing the 'range of proposals' that are being submitted, it is fair to characterize them as varying broadly, with some including proposed changes .... etc. 

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Good morning 

We have to submit on room request for Dublin today; we can ask (given dialogue below) for a room for IG public session on the Thursday @09.30
for 90 minutes.  

I have also drafted below as place-holder (has to be included in application) though we can amend later. 

Session overview 

This tradition public session on Internet Governance issues, organised with the CCWG on IG, will discuss the latest developments on the WSIS+10 Review; preview the IGF 2015 in Brazil and consider
 other pertinent IG issues; such as calls for the UN to be the platform to regulate all IG issues; including role of ICANN. 

Session Agenda 

Update and discussion on WSIS+10 Review process; including debate on “Zero Draft” Output Paper (to be agreed at UNGA in December) and renewal of IGF mandate; Preparations for IGF in Brazil (November); discussion of ICANN objectives Other pertinent IG issues 




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Subject: Re: [ccwg-internet-governance] WSIS+10 AND IG PUBLIC SESSION IN DUBLIN

Hi again

I meant to add— in the F2F WG session, can we please devote some time to how we want to manage the IGF workshop http://intgovforum.org/cms/wks2015/index.php/proposal/view_public/163.
   We’ll have 16 panelists to weave into the conversation while making the transition process intelligible to non-ICANNauts. This will be a challenge, and we don’t want it to descend into a free for all or insider-ish conversation. We will need to work out
 a systematic structure for the narrative that everyone’s on board with, so it’d be good to start on that in Dublin and then have follow-up online dialogue to nail things down.



On Sep 1, 2015, at 10:27 AM, Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond <ocl at gih.com> wrote:

Dear Bill,

I agree with all of the points that you have made. The question is room availability.

Nigel -- could you please let us know of the options for Monday & Thursday?



On 01/09/2015 09:59, William Drake wrote:


I thought what we did in Singapore worked much better than what we did in BA — WG meeting Monday, public session Thursday morning, which allows for some useful preparatory discussion rather than walking in ‘cold'; and horseshoe rather than lecture
 panel of talking heads.  It might also be useful to set a reasonably low limit on the number of conversation starters, like 6, and not add to that at the last minute without discussion.  

What topics do we want to cover beyond WSIS+10?  The misc. grab bag portion can be a little hard to manage, so a structure useful…



On Sep 1, 2015, at 9:32 AM, Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond <ocl at gih.com> wrote:

Hello all,

Monday sounds indeed best. We had more topic clashes later in the week for our F2F meeting. Horseshoe format worked pretty well so let's have it again, yes.

Kindest regards,


On 01/09/2015 02:28, Rafik Dammak wrote:

Hi Nigel,

I think the safest option to avoid clash remains Monday. the next question is the time. my understanding is that wont be a high level interest topic in Dublin so we get some room here.



2015-09-01 3:26 GMT+09:00 Nigel Hickson 
<nigel.hickson at icann.org>:

Good afternoon 

A couple of issues; on the WSIS+10 “resource” front; I am sorry but there is only me (so to speak); but more than happy to enter data for a share of the responses; and will circulate a “Summary” by end of week. 

On the IG Public Session in Dublin we need to submit form by 6th September (Sunday); so we need to elect a day (Monday favourite….to avoid GAC clash?).  I will make sure we have have horseshoe format. 





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