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I am sorry I was both late and perhaps not contributing fully on the call.
this is not a lack of real content -- in fact, I really apologize that I could not respond to that as a suggestion.  😊This process is the UN process. NOT our ICANN process, not the IGF process, which some of us are so much more familiar with, but the UN process. I do not agree with this characterization, and in fact, I did not realize that you were headed in that direction, or I would have commented more fully.
Let me try to put a different interpretation on the somewhat over anxious interpretation to the para mentioned below.
The UN agencies are charged with remeasuring and counting. In fact, the industry likes statistics.:-) As I like to say, facts are our friends.
I actually fully support para 36, as the world needs to understand who is connected, and how, and disaggregation of data on ICT connectivity, use and creation also means capturing the number of women who are ... connected, etc. So, this kind of reporting would capture the number of data centers, the number of online users, whether they are youth, women, men, people with disabilities, rural/urban... 
The assertion that that para is about survellience is over-reading, in my view. 
OF course, there are challenges in the document, and in the country and in some other submissions. Some want more UN, and that is not only govts... 
I am not suggesting that other para do not have cautionary flags, [I see a few] but I hope that the CCWG-IG members will demonstrate some sophistication in how we analyze the documents.

    On 07/09/2015 00:19, Nigel Hickson

      Good evening 

      More apologies; I attach the draft of the UN Non-Paper which
        was circulated on various lists earlier; it has not been posted
        to the WSIS site yet.   Responses to it have to be posted by
        14th September. 



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            Good evening; with apologies for delay please see
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