[ccwg-internet-governance] ISOC's WSIS+10 Matrix now available documenting countries' positions on WSIS+10

Nigel Hickson nigel.hickson at icann.org
Wed Sep 30 16:40:59 UTC 2015

Good afternoon

A number of you will have probably seen this; an impressive piece of work indeed; looking at views of countries on WSIS+10 Review (no just their contributions to Non-Paper).

I also attach a draft Summary of Responses (of government contributions on the Non-Paper) we have prepared as an internal document.



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Subject: [Internet Policy] ISOC's WSIS+10 Matrix now available documenting countries' positions on WSIS+10

Internet-policy members,

Continuing our efforts to help make the process around the 10-year Review of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS+10) more understandable, today we've published our WSIS+10 Matrix outlining the positions of world governments as we currently understand them:


This effort is led by Constance Bommelaer and Nicolas Seidler who will be continually updating the matrix during the months ahead. On a periodic basic we will be updating that link with a new PDF version of the matrix.

The matrix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license and so you are welcome to share the matrix widely and use it in whatever form you wish (provided that the source is credited as the Internet Society).

Constance wrote about this today on our blog:


and that post has been shared out on social media at:


Please do help spread the word - and if you are aware of any updates please do send them to Constance and Nicolas.

We hope that this matrix will be a useful tool for you all as the discussions continue leading up to the December WSIS+10 meetings.


Dan York
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