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with apologies. a personal issue prevented my joining today's call without any notice, and I apologize. 
I have had recent family passings. Not this group's problem, but takes me away sometimes to deal with legal issues. 
But back to work, now. 

quarterly reporting seems a useful approach, but also, perhaps we need to be more direct in inviting attendance at our face to face sessions, recognizing we are not doing one in Helsinki, let's make it 'so' for the annual meeting and really promote our session.
I will see some colleagues in Geneva at WSIS Forum, and at UN CSTD. 
I will beg your pleasure to use this list to invite colleagues who are in Geneva to a session organized by the IGF Secretariat on Thursday [details to follow] and on Friday, as IGFSA /details to follow.
and I hope you will 'follow'.
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Subject: [ccwg-internet-governance] Fwd: [lac-discuss-es] Noticias del NOMCOM 2016 - 6 / ENC: [Nom-com-2016] 2016 NomCom Feb-Mar Report Card

Dear Olivier,
I want to come back to one point we discussed during this mornings call, 
and resend to you the most recent “report card” that our regional 
rep in the NomCom has distributed to our LAC community. Needless to say 
I think is an excellent example of open accountability that the CCWG-IG 
could follow to inform SOs/ACs regularly (of course not every month, but 
maybe on a quarterly basis).
On the “policy” thread I want to commend Nigel for his proposal on 
the follow-up of the upcoming ITU-WCST  and look forward to the Google 
doc to start brainstorming.
Good luck in you and colleagues on the WISIS meeting in Geneva.
Carlos Raúl Gutiérrez
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> ESTIMADOS, en anexo el informe de las actividades del NOMCOM de los 
> meses de
> febrero y marzo 2016.
> Saludos,
> Sylvia
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