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a) let's please do a Doodle and have a call to plan 1) f2f meeting and 2) High Interest IG public forum type event that takes into account that we are in India, and will have a high attendance from nationals.
b) For our high interest IG Public Forum, as we will have a community that is new to the global activities, perhaps we can suspend our own preferences and focus on what works for our audience. So 50% of our time could be what is going on.  and then 50% focused on a key IG issue.Frankly, I hope it is not about a delay in the IANA transition, but if it is, then so be it and so be us.
I hope, however, we might instead plan to focus on SDGs and how ICANN's community benefits from engaging in the achievements of the SDGS, and why ICANN matters in this engagement, going forward.
BUT, we may need to develop two tracks. One if.... and two, if...
I hope that we will agree to invite the Mexican host/GAC representative to make a five minute statement about the IGF and issue an invitation. 
for our F2F, we can go into more details like who shot who at WTSA, and how we strengthen engagement with UNESCO, the ITU WGs of relevance... but also perhaps how the CCWG-IG might want to engage in support of ICANN at the IGF and the NRIs. We might want to recall that we might have thoughts about budget ideas that support broadening engagement. 

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    Dear Nigel,


    thank you for your follow-up. We'll need a Doodle ASAP for suitable
    times on Wednesday for an Organisational Call. We can keep the
    Doodle open for 24h & then choose a timing for Wednesday based
    on this.

    Kindest regards,




    On 15/08/2016 09:43, Nigel Hickson

      Olivier and colleagues 

      Good morning.  You asked Group whether a Call might be
        appropriate this week. 

      In terms of process it would be appropriate to have a Call
          1 (Organisational) as we need to discuss whether CCWG puts
        in for a high interest IG public forum discussion at ICANN 57.
         The deadline for submission is this Thursday (18th August).

      On the ITU WTSA (as I think mentioned on a Call) ICANN GSE/GE
        team are involved in the ITU Regional preparation sessions so
        would, I hope, be in a position to give an overview on ICANN
        related issues towards the end of the month / early September. 






      On 09/08/16 15:47, "ccwg-internet-governance-bounces at icann.org
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        Dear Carlos,

        that's indeed something on the cards too. In line with our
          aim to
        separate policy calls from organisational calls, we'd need
          two calls, in
        any order.

        Let's start building the agendas please. Please make
          suggestions & add
        to the wireframes I suggest below:


        Call 1 - Organisational

        - Preparation for Hyderabad
        a. Proposal for a High Interest Session on an Internet
          Governance topic
        b. Proposal for the CCWG Internet Governance Public Session
        c. Proposal for the CCWG Internet Governance F2F meeting


        Call 2 - Policy

        - ITU World Conference on Standardisation
        (we already have a WIKI page that we need to build up -

        Kindest regards,


        On 09/08/2016 15:32, Carlos Raúl Gutiérrez G. wrote:
          What about IG issues BEFORE Hyderabad, like the ITU World
          on Standardisation????


          Carlos Raúl Gutiérrez
          +506 8837 7176
          Skype: carlos.raulg
          Current UTC offset: -6.00 (Costa Rica)
          On 9 Aug 2016, at 7:29, Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond wrote:

            Hello all,

            do members of the CCWG-IG think that we should propose
              an Internet
            Governance High Interest Topic for Hyderabad? If yes,
              perhaps do we need
            a call next week?
            Kindest regards,



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            Dear Community Leaders:



            Please note the message from ICANN’s meting team
              concerning ICANN57 and
            a reuest for High Interest Topics.



            Best regards,        David









                 Dear All:



                 We’re just 12 weeks out from ICANN57 in Hyderabad,
              and it’s time to
                 collaborate on another schedule for the meeting.
              As defined by the
                 new meeting strategy, this first "Meeting C" will
              focus on
                 showcasing ICANN’s work to a broader global
              audience. With that in
                 mind, we’re going to kick off production of the
              schedule with a call
                 for submissions of high-interest / cross-community



                 Topic sessions should be planned as 75-90
                 minute* interactive *sessions about topics with
                 potential, and have clear goals/objectives, and a
              statement of what
                 session will accomplish. Sessions must have
              potential to attract
                 a sizable audience (200+) and have a format that
              allows for adequate
                 audience participation.



                 Proposals should include:

                 1.     Background/Importance

                 2.     Session goals and expected outcomes

                 3.     Hyperlinks to any relevant documentation

                 *Please use the online form
                 submit proposals by EOD Thursday, 18 August.    *



                 Please note that this form is not behind the VPN,
              therefore support
                 staff for ICANN’s Supporting Organizations and
              Advisory Committees
                 have the option of submitting proposals on behalf
              of their group, or
                 extending an invitation directly to the form. All
              proposed topics
                 will be evaluated by the Steering Committee and
              shared with SO/AC
                 leadership for comment.



                 Our schedule production dates are also included
              below for your
                 reference. I’ll follow up with more details and
              next steps for
                 scheduling before our first EMS request period on
              the 25th.



                 As always, please let me know if you have any








                 Submissions Open: High Interest Topics


                 Now through Thursday, 18 August

                 EMS Request Period: Board, SO/AC & GDD
              Sessions Only


                 Form Opens: Thursday, 25 August

                 EMS Request Period: All Session Requests


                 Form Opens: Thursday, 1 September

                 *Request Deadline / Schedule Closed***


                 *Thursday, 22 September***

                 Public Schedule Posted Online


                 Thursday, 13 October






                 Tanzanica S. King

                 Sr. Manager, Meeting Strategy and Design




                 Office   +1 310 301 5800

                 Mobile  +1 310 995 3038

                 Email    king at icann.org <mailto:king at icann.org>


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