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sorry, attacked... not attached. too many arthritis challenges to typing. TOOOO old challenges.

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I beg to disagree, but that is no surprise.

When attached, running away from a challenge is not the best strategy.

We are a legitimate CCWG, after all, so let's address both challenges.

Are we saying that we are not legitimate? so we are afraid of the questions being asked?

I doubt that.

I have seen this over and over. Someone challenges us. so we start withdrawing and hiding away.

In my view,  we are not ashamed or apologizing for the work we have done, and can do.


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I agree with Farzi here from the peanut gallery, I don’t think now is the time for the CCWGIG to be putting effort in the area of creating HITs rather than focusing on what should be its primary task right now.


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I really don't think it's a good idea to have a HIT for Copenhagen. It takes our attention away from making ccwg ig relevant and it took a lot of time and effort last time to have a good session. I think resources should be directed towards making the ccwg ig a relevant active ongoing ccwg. Not a one session show. Let's have a working session instead of a HIT. If we want to inform people about igf and the like we can do it in out face to face meeting.

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I know that some hate the idea of a round up, but IGF2016 and ICANN's continued engagement in IG meetings - such as IGF, CSTD, ITU WSIS and IPP; ECOSOC HLPF, WSIS Forum -- to me are an interesting discussion -- as a town hall - with the community.And, we should also assume some responsibility for explaining the SDGs and why ICANN has a role to play, alongside all other stakeholders.

Something like: consultation for ICANN's future engagement in the IG landscape and contributing to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, within the mandate of ICANN. ICANN is a key player in the larger IG ecosystem, working within its mandate, but recognizing that it influences, educates, and contributes to the broader IG debates and policy discussions, along side other stakeholders.

I think this is important to ensure that the Board WG, and the CEO and staff, hear from the broader community.

I have no idea how many members of the ICANN community itself attended IGF2016.

I am trying to do a "count" for the IGF-USA and the NRIs to identify the broader attendance, just for informational purposes.

We could treat this like a true town hall again, with 4-5 roving mikes, something like was done at the WSIS+10/IG and SDG and prepare an outcome statement to be then circulated more broadly for public comment.

Marilyn Cade

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Subject: [ccwg-internet-governance] ICANN58 Block Schedule and High Interest Topic

Hello all,

the draft block schedule for ICANN 58 is out already. (see attached)

Please see the information on the HITs from the last two ICANN Meetings below just received from Meetings staff.

ICANN56 (Policy Forum)  |  Helsinki



Cross-Community Session: Next Generation Registration Directory Services



Cross-Community Session: New gTLD Subsequent Procedures



Cross-Community Session: Review of All Rights Protection Mechanisms in All gTLDs



Cross-Community Session: Country and Other Geographic Names Forum



ICANN56 Wrap Up & Planning Ahead for ICANN57



Cross-Community Session: Workload Scheduling and Management



Cross-Community Session: Charter for the CCWG on Auction Proceeds



Cross-Community Session: Draft Framework of Principles for Future CCWGs


ICANN57(AGM) |  Hyderabad



High Interest Topics session: Mitigation of Abuse in gTLDs



Update on WHOIS-Related Initiatives



DNS and Content Regulation  NCUC Group



Exploring the Public Interest Within ICANN's Remit



High Interest Topic session: Underserved Regions in ICANN



Q&A with ICANN General Counsel on the legal advice that ICANN receives & how that supports the ICANN mission



How to do outreach within each SO/AC



Internet Governance Public Session


You'll notice that our Internet Governance Public Session was the least attended session of the High Interest Topics. That said, it was late in the day, thus would have lost headcount.

The deadline for Hit Interest Topic Session proposals is on Friday 23rd Dec 2016, so we need to file a request this week. Any suggestions?

Kindest regards,


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