[ccwg-internet-governance] Main discussion points of CCWG-IG call of Wednesday, December 21

Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Thu Dec 22 12:36:52 UTC 2016

Hello all,

Desiree will soon email the action items from the call, but I wanted to
highlight a few points which were made during the discussion.

*GNSO Council Request for CCWG IG charter amendments*

Marilyn Cade: Business Constituency follows Internet Governance
very closely. We should not assume that Internet
Governance is not an ongoing challenge and that the
work of this working group is not needed.

Greg Shatan: establish in our charter that we have phases for
beginning middle and end. It could be tied to phases
of the working group. Not necessarily annual. More
structured work is needed, both oral and written.
Deliverables are important - with a communication
plan for deliverables.

Rafik Dammak: according to our charter, we are supposed to
review every year, thus an annual cycle would be
the natural way to go.

Alan Greenberg: if the CCWG framework is going to be rigidly
adhered to, then we need to think of a different

Becky Burr: the real process point is that a some level
there is a piece of work to be done by Chartering
Organisations as to how they can support the
points made in the working group, to give SO/AC
support to what the working group might contribute

Becky Burr: the working group should be clear on what it is trying to


As you can see we have several options on the table and we'll therefore
follow a multi-pronged approach.

- review of current charter to see if it fits in the GNSO's guidelines
for CCWGs.
- develop and document internal processes to
 a. respond to a public comment request
 b. act a a sounding board of staff developed papers

A special focus should be given to how we engage Chartering
Organisations to support the text drafted in the CCWG IG.

*Proposal for Annual Review of Working Group activities *

It is clear that one of the problems with the working group is the lack
of regular reporting to chartering organisations. An annual report will
be drafted in the New Year, but an outline of the document will be
circulated to the working group before New Year.

This would include:

- Some of staff reports on CSTD, WTSA, ITU etc.
- Report on WSIS Forum in Geneva - including the note on the CCWG IG
workshop there
- Reports for GNSO in Marrakech & Helsinki (can take from transcripts)
- Staff report from IGF workshops in Guadalajara - on topics that affect
- Reporting on the sessions that the CCWG IG has organised at ICANN
meetings this year
- Reporting on the discussion topics addressed during the CCWG's regular
conference calls
- Making a unique reference to the 2016 (this year's) calendar/timeline
of Internet Governance Events and the 2017 (next year's) calendar/timeline.

So these are two parallel tracks: Charter on the one side and Drafting
the annual report on the other.
If you would like to volunteer for any of these two sub-groups, please
email the CCWG IG Co-Chairs or Desiree Cabrera.

Kindest regards,


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