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Good evening and many thanks; we agreed on last Call we could build on (and improve) Workshop description as we moved forward.

I will be in Geneva all next week; excellent idea to have a general meet up.

Re Marrakech the IG public session is scheduled for Thursday morning @ 09.00; while F2F CWG is on Wednesday @ 10.45.



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Subject: RE: [ccwg-internet-governance] FOLLOW UP ACTIONS FROM THE CCWG IG MEETING ON 29/1

Nigel,Thanks so much for the staff support to the CCWG-IG on our planning for the WSIS Forum workshop. I offer a few edits in an attachment.

On other items: thanks so much for your great summary reports:
 the staff summary reports on meetings that ICANN is engaging in that are related to IG areas are exactly what we as the CCWG-IG welcome, and I would really love to see similar reports being provided from LATAM, Africa, N.American, Asian events, as that will strengthen the knowledge and capacity the CCWG-IG regarding what staff is doing in IG areas, and also strengthen the transparency.

Who might be in Geneva next week?
On a different note, might I ask who all I might see next week in Geneva, during the ITU Council WG on WSIS?  This might also provide a time for some face to face discussions, but also, we should plan for further refinement during our face to face during the ICANN55.

Date and time for CCWG - IG working session during ICANN55:
I apologize, but I seem to have misplaced the information about when our f-f working session of our CCWG-IG is.


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Subject: [ccwg-internet-governance] FOLLOW UP ACTIONS FROM THE CCWG IG MEETING ON 29/1


Good afternoon; ahead of our Call tomorrow, and apologies for delay, please see Notes of two of the Brussels “IG” sessions the week before last at which ICANN were represented.

I also attach the text of the proposal for a Workshop (on ICANN Accountability) at the WSIS Forum 2016 which was discussed and agreed in the WG.



RIPE NCC Roundtable, Brussels; 26/1

There were about 65 attendees, mainly from EU/ GCC Governments and LEAs .  It was a closed meeting, and by invitation only.

The day started with a welcome and succinct presentation of RIPE NCC to the group. There was then an introduction of the IANA Stewardship transition work, how the RIRs participated and the fact they wanted the transition to go forward, that they were happy with the agreement on the IP rights at IANA, the SLA being negotiated with ICANN and the controversial items remaining at CCWG to resolve.

RIPE said their group was happy there won’t be a 4th draft from the Accountability CCWG and are eager to see the supplemental work of the  CCWG on ICANN mission, human rights, stress test 18 and role of GAC in new decision making mechanisms.

The discussions that ensued saw RIPE board members question GAC on their positions –to which Thomas Schneider helpfully was able to reply. He noted there were divergent GAC views on a few issues. He said Governments would like the CCWG to have final output to which Governments can agree (as opposed to unfinished proposals on contentious items) or not.

Afterwards there were presentations on developments in the RIPE address policy working groups where 29 countries participate (region has over 11,500 members in 76 countries) including representatives of the British, German, Spanish, Swiss governments.

Then Germany presented a government’s experiences in engaging with RIRs and RIPE on the evolution of the RIPE NCC ecosystem

The last presentation of the day was on meeting the challenges of the Internet of Things (IoT) which generated a lot of interest and discussion.

GAC Public Safety Working Group; Brussels; 28/1

The GAC's Public Safety Working Group (PSWG) focuses on aspects of ICANN’s policies and procedures that implicate the safety of the public. The PSWG was established in February 2015 at ICANN52 in Singapore as an internal working group of ICANN’s Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC). The GAC endorsed the PSWG's terms of reference in June 2015.

There were around  60 people present from Governments and LEAs.

The first presentation introduced the PSWG to the group. Then EURID presented work they have been doing for the past 2 years on fighting abuse in general at registrars level

Europol presented the European perspective on Internet Governance and Law Enforcement through a collection of real cases ,and noted their work in helping other governments and LEAs understand different issues in cyberspace.

The European Commission presented work at their level on data retention issues (a controversial issue in Europe).

The work on ICANN Competition, Consumer Choice & Consumer Trust Review was presented by the FTC

The next PSWG will take place in Marrakech – tentative date of March 8, to be confirmed.

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