[ccwg-internet-governance] Follow-up to Call of 9 Feb 2016

William Drake wjdrake at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 12:05:49 UTC 2016

Hi Olivier

On this piece,

> On Feb 10, 2016, at 01:11, Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond <ocl at gih.com> wrote:
> 3. Discussion about Fragmentation vs. Openness (30 minutes)
> This is a discussion about Internet fragmentation in the context of

Suggest the framing be fragmentation a] generally, for context of the discussion, and b] re: names and numbers, and ICANN’s contributions to mitigating/managing.

The text below relates only to b] but the inputs you mention pertain to a]. So perhaps balance across.

> As we know, there has been concern about the single root, about
> universal acceptance of IDN ad other new gTLDs, about demands for
> Country Internet Registries, amongst a lot of other things.

One of the things worth flagging here might be blocking?

> This part of
> the session is aimed at stimulating a good discussion about these issues
> in the ICANN Community. Several inputs are proposed to trigger discussions:
> Inputs:
> WEF - fragmentation paper (presented by Bill Drake?)

I can overview the debate and issues addressed by the paper and by other sources 

> OECD debate on this topic - with possible topics of discussions in the
> forthcoming meeting in Cancun. (Presented by who?)

> The process of the World Internet Conference (WIC), Wuzhen Summit
> (Presented by who?)


> Other Contexts in the names and numbers (Presented by who?)

Avri or someone else GNSOish who can overview issues related to acceptance, conflicts, blocking, etc?

Conversation starters should shoot for under 15 min together and then open to floor for 15+.  Will be cramped but maybe could still plant a few seeds...



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