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I have followed the developments of the group on the list for a while now
and I'd like to participate and contribute more.

I was in NETMundial, IGF15, WSIS10 NY and recently also contributed in the
Open  Consultation for WSIS Review in May. I was also following the
activity of CCWG IG in ICANN53.

I'm part of a group called North-Northeast Internet Governance (mobile
messaging group) joining activists, scholars and such interested parties in
the Northeast Brazil and Amazon region.

I'm sorry I could not be in the call due to a bad connection but a few
observations right after the items below:

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> Hello all,
> just following-up to our call of 9th Feb 2016.
> We had a very lively conversation about the Marrakech Agenda.
> As it stands now, based on the discussion so far:
> Proposed Public Session in Marrakech (75 minutes total time)
> Thursday morning @ 09.00
> 1. GAC High Level meeting takeaway (5 minutes)
> [ This is just going to be a quick summary of the results of the GAC
> High Level meeting that took place on the Monday of the meeting. GAC
> Chair has confirmed someone from GAC Leadership can do the 5 minute
> summary - focussing on any topic relating to Internet Governance which
> the High Level Meeting has addressed.]
> 2. The WSIS+10 process (20 minutes - reduced from 30)
> a. main outcomes
> b. what to look out for in the future
> This session will focus primarily on the future challenges. Panellists
> will provide a bit of background but it is hoped this is not just going
> to be an uninspired "update session".
> Proposed Panellists:
> Hana AlHashimi - speaking about the SDGs
> Peter Major - speaking about CSTD's Enhanced Cooperation
> Chengetai Masango - speaking about IGF extension
> [Action Item] Agreement from the call participants to contact the
> panellists regarding their availability. Should any of them not be able
> to make it, the CCWG IG will need to suggest alternates.
> There then follows an open floor discussion for the remainder of this
> section time, or until the discussion ends. It is anticipated that if
> there is little interest in the room for more discussion on this topic,
> the Coordinator(s) will be able to move on to the next agenda item, thus
> giving it more time.
The whole timeline of WSIS Review process is quite hard to follow. It would
be interesting if panelists could address that on the "future developments"
Also, the open mic is quite an interesting part to have and I believe there
will be contributions on the line of "Information Society - what has been
accomplished so far".

As WSIS is moving on to have TED Talks it would be interesting too to
investigate who are going to be selected for these talks (some selection
processes for TEDs are crowdsourced) and the inputs the rest of the
audience may have in this discussion in the future.

3. Discussion about Fragmentation vs. Openness (30 minutes)
> This is a discussion about Internet fragmentation in the context of
> ICANN. As we know, there has been concern about the single root, about
> universal acceptance of IDN ad other new gTLDs, about demands for
> Country Internet Registries, amongst a lot of other things. This part of
> the session is aimed at stimulating a good discussion about these issues
> in the ICANN Community. Several inputs are proposed to trigger discussions:
> Inputs:
> WEF - fragmentation paper (presented by Bill Drake?)
> OECD debate on this topic - with possible topics of discussions in the
> forthcoming meeting in Cancun. (Presented by who?)
> The process of the World Internet Conference (WIC), Wuzhen Summit
> (Presented by who?)
> Other Contexts in the names and numbers (Presented by who?)
> I had suggested that The Wuzhen conference should not be discussed
> explicitly due to its sensitivity. There was strong pushback about this,
> whilst it was felt that the aim of the discussion in the session would
> be on the conference itself, not on the current controversy relating to
> ICANN CEO & Board members.
> We need to choose panellists for this second part of the session.

For the OECD meetings, I have recently contacted to organization and
received a response from a representative of the department of civil
society engagement. I can pass on this contact if you need.

> We could distribute rating sheets to all participants in the session, to
> collect their feedback on their Agenda topic preferences, 1, 2, 3, in
> order to guide us for future CCWG IG Public meetings.
Rating Sheets are a great idea. How about having them online so everyone
can contribute while the session is happening? I'd like to help with that.

> F2F Working Group Session
> Wednesday @ 10.45
> Please contribute the topics which you think we should discuss.
> 1. WSIS Forum Workshop Preparation.
> We need to focus on this whilst we are sitting face to face, so refine
> the workshop, its structure and propose participants.
> Online input for the workshop would also be quite nice. From a hashtag
maybe to online video input.

> 2. Discussion on the Purpose of the Working Group and Effectiveness in
> providing guidance to Staff.
> Based on the WG's operation since its inception, has the CCWG IG
> delivered on its charter? As a new CEO takes office at ICANN, a F2F
> discussion on this topic would greatly benefit the CCWG IG in planning
> for its future. Can improvements be made?
> As this topic has come up before, I would suggest that this discussion
> not only involves WG participants but also ICANN Staff and perhaps also
> Board members for their point of view, as to what benefit they see from
> the working group. The aim of this discussion is to make improvements to
> the WG's returns.

Can a new visual presentation of the charter (infographic) maybe help on
The CCWG IG work sometimes seems vast and encompassing of many other issues
not directly related to IG and to find its main action areas and discuss
them in this part could greatly help

--- end of proposed agendas

> Comments welcome!

Hope to have helped


> Olivier
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