[ccwg-internet-governance] CCWG Internet Governance Public Session in Marrakech

Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Thu Feb 18 18:29:34 UTC 2016

Hello all,

I have read through the previous thread with much interest and
consciously refrained from posting in order to see where the thread
goes. I am a little concerned we started mixing the Public session & the
WG F2F session, so let's discuss them separately.

Public Session

I had proposed:

Proposed Public Session in Marrakech (75 minutes total time)
Thursday morning @ 09.00

1. GAC High Level meeting takeaway (5 minutes)
[ This is just going to be a quick summary of the results of the GAC
High Level meeting that took place on the Monday of the meeting. GAC
Chair has confirmed someone from GAC Leadership can do the 5 minute
summary - focussing on any topic relating to Internet Governance which
the High Level Meeting has addressed.]

I see much opposition to these 5 minutes as being time where people will
be talked at. Perhaps should we drop this? People who are interested in
GAC matters could attend the GAC HLM a few days earlier.

2. The WSIS+10 process (30 minutes)
a. main outcomes
b. what to look out for in the future

This session will focus primarily on the future challenges. Panellists
will provide a bit of background but it is hoped this is not just going
to be an uninspired "update session".

Proposed Panellists:
Hana AlHashimi - speaking about the SDGs
Peter Major - speaking about CSTD's Enhanced Cooperation
Chengetai Masango - speaking about IGF extension

I have so far contacted Ms. Al Hashimi but gotten no reply, so we might
need to find an alternate. I'll contact the two other potential
panellists shortly.
Seeing that we want to facilitate an open floor discussion on this topic
I suggest we do NOT add any more people to this list. 3 speakers is enough.

3. Discussion about Fragmentation vs. Openness (40 minutes)

This is a discussion about Internet fragmentation in the context of
ICANN. As we know, there has been concern about the single root, about
universal acceptance of IDN ad other new gTLDs, about demands for
Country Internet Registries, amongst a lot of other things. This part of
the session is aimed at stimulating a good discussion about these issues
in the ICANN Community. Several inputs are proposed to trigger
discussions, framing;
a] generally, for context of the discussion, and
b] re: names and numbers, and ICANN’s contributions to mitigating/managing.

WEF - fragmentation paper (Bill Drake?)
OECD debate on this topic - with possible topics of discussions in the
forthcoming meeting in Cancun. (Presented by who?)
The process of the World Internet Conference (WIC), Wuzhen Summit
(Suggested: Rinalia Abdul Rahim)
Other Contexts in the names and numbers (Suggested: Avri Doria)

But this means we have 7 speakers (plus moderator(s)) for a 75 minute
session. I am feeling rather unhappy to have that many speakers,
especially in the light of the comments made by Bill, Sam, Farzaneh,
that the session risks being yet another unproductive session same old
same old talking "at" people.

Should we cull the list of invitees and have the ones we keep comment on
both parts of the session? This way: less time for panellists
professing. More time for audience participation and discussion?

Kindest regards,

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