[ccwg-internet-governance] U.S. Nationlization of Apple's Employees

Ron Baione ron.baione at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 18 18:58:56 UTC 2016


When there is an argument publicly presented that the United States is not an Oligarchy, let me know.  

Then it will be a debate.  Janet, Hillary, Barack and numerous pundits and officials have been asked publicly whether or not the United States is an oligarchy, their answer:

"We don't really like to put labels on it."

Of course not, what puppet would want to label their own scam with the correct definition?  Definitions and truth do not matter in an oligarchy, a tool of oligarchy is to manipulate language for the purpose of maintaining power.  Therefore it is not a debateable issue, because the United States being an Oligarchy since 1976 is a fact that millions of Americans are realizing each day.  

No amount of distraction, celebrity, or manufactured nonsense by the establishment (oligarchy) and their puppet owned media will be enough to prevent that fact from becoming more well known, and the U.S. oligarchy is only beginning to deflect the truth and care about historical facts because people are gaining more understanding into how the last four decades have been economically rigged in a purposeful, unamerican and inhuman way.  Not a debate, fact.  

I intellectually challenge anyone to provide a counter-argument to my argument, and in fact I have provided that intellectual challenge before and no one has taken up that intellectual challenge because the sun rises every day and the U.S. is an oligarchy with many puppets sucking up to it like the undignified pawns that they are.

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