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On 18/02/2016 19:58, Ron Baione via ccwg-internet-governance wrote:
> Sam:
> When there is an argument publicly presented that the United States is
> not an Oligarchy, let me know.
> Then it will be a debate. Janet, Hillary, Barack and numerous pundits
> and officials have been asked publicly whether or not the United
> States is an oligarchy, their answer:
> "We don't really like to put labels on it."
> Of course not, what puppet would want to label their own scam with the
> correct definition? Definitions and truth do not matter in an
> oligarchy, a tool of oligarchy is to manipulate language for the
> purpose of maintaining power. Therefore it is not a debateable issue,
> because the United States being an Oligarchy since 1976 is a fact that
> millions of Americans are realizing each day.
> No amount of distraction, celebrity, or manufactured nonsense by the
> establishment (oligarchy) and their puppet owned media will be enough
> to prevent that fact from becoming more well known, and the U.S.
> oligarchy is only beginning to deflect the truth and care about
> historical facts because people are gaining more understanding into
> how the last four decades have been economically rigged in a
> purposeful, unamerican and inhuman way. Not a debate, fact.
> I intellectually challenge anyone to provide a counter-argument to my
> argument, and in fact I have provided that intellectual challenge
> before and no one has taken up that intellectual challenge because the
> sun rises every day and the U.S. is an oligarchy with many puppets
> sucking up to it like the undignified pawns that they are.
> Ron
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> *From: * Sam Lanfranco <sam at lanfranco.net>;
> *To: * Ron Baione <ron.baione at yahoo.com>;
> *Subject: * Re: [ccwg-internet-governance] U.S. Nationlization of
> Apple's Employees
> *Sent: * Thu, Feb 18, 2016 2:31:33 PM
> Ron,
> The Apple/U.S. Federal Government issue about writs, locked phones and
> privacy, as a topic, does fit within the Internet governance scope of
> concerns, even if a role in national policy does not.
> However, linking this issue to broader political debates within the
> United States is outside the scope that we should be focused on here.
> Such concerns may be of importance to citizens of the United States,
> to trading partners, and to countries supplying labor to the U.S.
> It is just that we should stay focused on the core issues within our
> remit, and those issue should reside outside the scope of the
> discussion here, in my humble opinion.
> Sam L.
> On 17/02/2016 10:43 PM, Ron Baione via ccwg-internet-governance wrote:
>> /This email is written in support of the rights of employees of the
>> american tech industry://
>> //
>> //After forcing all American citizens to purchase a product, health
>> insurance, the U.S. government is looking to force employees of a
>> private company, Apple, to perform a specific task in the creation of
>> a new product, in this instance, to create new code which would then
>> allow the government to bypass Iphone security protections, according
>> to the article at the following website://
>> //
>> //http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/02/17/apple-unlocked-iphones-for-the-feds-70-times-before.html//
>> //
>> //The U.S. government can legally ask companies to comply with
>> existing regulations, but a government agent forcing individual
>> employees of a private company to perform a specific task,
>> effectively forcing the employee to choose between retaining their
>> job and creating the new product for the government, is simply the
>> next step down the slippery slope. Americans are in the "forced
>> actions phase" of this oligarchy. //
>> //
>> //Internet policy groups and all internet governance groups should at
>> least consider that when the heath insurance mandate was accepted,
>> people wondered what would be the next mandate, would a future
>> president take advantage of the trend towards mandating citizens to
>> act? If apple's employees are forced to comply with a forced action,
>> that in my opinion is no different than Apple having been
>> nationalized by the U.S. government, in my opinion. What's next? The
>> argument is much bigger than phones. U.S. government agents could
>> order any private company employee in the entire country to perform
>> any task the government deemed necessary. If a future government
>> agent deemed that it was immediately necessary for a future apple
>> employee to shine the shoes of the government agent, then they could
>> refer back to the forced creation of code and ask, what's the
>> difference? //
>> //
>> //Oligarchy is about gaining the obedience of its citizens to the
>> state via brutality (see broken windows police theory argument on
>> gaining obedience) and via the provision of lose-lose choices that
>> pit a citizen against his or her own ability to economically support
>> himself or herself. Any male government agent forcing or pressuring a
>> female private employee at apple to perform a specific action would
>> also be violating women's Civil Rights law, same can be said for race
>> etc., civil rights law exist for a reason in the american workplace.
>> Oligarchy is government by hypocritical political criminals and their
>> stooges, and internet governance groups should call it out for what
>> it is and speak out against the american oligarchy on behalf of the
>> U.S. tech industry which employs citizens from all countries. //
>> //
>> //Ron//
>> /
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