[ccwg-internet-governance] CCWG Internet Governance Face to Face working group session in Marrakesh

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thanks very much for this, Olivier
Might I propose that ICANN staff provide a bullet summary of the activities of the CCWG-IG since its inception, that might include
frequency of meetings - how many have we held and whenfrequency of conf. calls - how many have we heldPublic Sessions held at ICANN and what the topics were, including the initial "town hall" we held re NMPerhaps statistics on attendance at face to face working sessions in terms of numbersAny other "public" events organized [e.g. the WSIS Forum workshop, etc]
While some of us may have institutional memory, really a sort of work at a glance would be helpful to all, I think

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Subject: [ccwg-internet-governance] CCWG Internet Governance Face to Face working group session in Marrakesh


    Hello all,


    this thread is to discuss specifically the F2F Working Group Session
    on Wednesday @ 10.45am local time.


    So far, we have two topics:


    1. WSIS Forum Workshop Preparation. (20

      - refine topic

      - pick panellists and moderator

      - pick flow


      2. Discussion on the Purpose of the Working Group and
      Effectiveness in

      providing guidance to Staff. (40 minutes)


      Based on the WG's operation since its inception, has the CCWG IG

      delivered on its charter? As a new CEO takes office at ICANN, a

      discussion on this topic would greatly benefit the CCWG IG in

      for its future. Can improvements be made?


    May I suggest that 2 topics are absolutely enough for a 1 hour

    Next, as was suggested to increase the "productivity" in advance
    ofthis session, can we please all voice our expectations on the
    deliverables of the discussion of this second topic? Without a
    regular review of our activities, the CCWG IG would not evolve, but
    I am reticent to re-hash old circular discussions so it might be a
    good idea to set ourselves a goal beforehand.


    Kindest regards,





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