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Good morning; on our last CCWG Call, I was asked to circulate, as appropriate, a report from ICANN staff on the Wuzhen Conference last month.  Apologies for delay.

The brief note below was from our GSE representatives in Asia that accompanied Fadi Chehade at the Conference.

The link to the overall Conference is at http://www.wuzhenwic.org/2015-11/10/c_46113.htm while the "Wuzhen Initiative" (posted after the Conference) is at http://www.wuzhenwic.org/2015-12/18/c_48241.htm



ICANN Note on Wuzhen Summit; 16-18 December, 2015

This year's Wuzhen Forum was represented at a senior level with over 2000 representatives from more than 120 countries attending, including Chinese President Xi Jinping and Prime Ministers from Russia, Pakistan, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, and Tajik, and nearly 50 ministerial level officials.


In particular, there were three speeches of note at the opening.

President XI Jin Ping - Called for "Multi-party, democratic, transparent" governance and the need to respect "internet sovereignty".  As you know, the term multi-party has always been controversial because agencies may also translate the term as "multi-lateral".  There was a specific mention of need for participation from industry and civil society, amongst other stakeholder groups.

Prime Minister Medvedev - Specifically called out for ITU or "new organization" to look into Internet Governance issues.

ZHAO Houlin - Gave a broad overview of relevant ITU activities; and responded to Medvedev's call and said that the ITU should look into what its possible (increased) future role should be.

Fadi Chehade gave a keynote speech and joined a Panel discussion regarding IANA stewardship transition and Internet governance at the Cyberspace Governance sub-forum and spoke at the closing ceremony. He used these engagement opportunities, including media interviews, to introduce ICANN's globalization, IANA stewardship transition, cooperation with China, and the role we play in maintaining a universal global Internet.

High-level Advisory Committee and Wuzhen Initiative

A High-level Advisory Committee was organized to provide advice for the organization of the World Internet Conference as well as the development of the Internet in China. Thirty-one Chinese and foreign leading Internet figures from governments, enterprises, academic institutions and technological communities have been invited to join. Fadi Chehade was invited to serve as co-chair of the committee in his personal capacity together with Jack Ma of Alibaba.

A Paper; titled the "Wuzhen Initiative" was issued by the WIC Organizing Committee. The Initiative called on all countries to promote Internet development, foster cultural diversity in cyberspace, share the fruits of Internet development, ensure peace and security in cyberspace, and improve global Internet governance.

Board members George Sadowsky and Rinalia Abdul Rahim also attended the Wuzhen Forum.


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Good morning

Apologies I attached the wrong note; please disregard; will post right one!


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