[ccwg-internet-governance] CCWG-IG call of Friday, January 15th - Draft Agenda Added

Marilyn Cade marilynscade at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 15 13:38:22 UTC 2016

I propose a mild reorganization of the agendaLet's move item 3 to later in the agenda.  That was a CEO driven event that it will be interesting to hear a staff report on but a brief one.   Future activities by the exiting CEO have to be of interest but not consume the CCWG-IG, or we will merely become camp followers, rather than the spirit guide to what, where, and how the ICANN community affects the IG ecosystem and implications for ICANN. :-) If it uses ICANN resources of course relevant to know about, and it if goes in directions that the CCWG-IG has advised against, that would be a relevant discussion topic, but that would not occur in five minutes. Thus, let's move it to later, and make it an informational report, with questions to staff IF there are any, that need to be sent back into ICANN. 
Let's also make the update about ICANN staff/Board participation in the upcoming WEF just that: a report on what is scheduled, who is attending, and the 'official messages'. There are something like 10-12 sessions that have implications about IG, so that would be an excellent opportunity for ICANN staff to update the CCWG-IG on what ICANN [who, when/what] are engaged in at WEF.
If WEF is becoming more important in IG, then the CCWG-IG may want to designate a sub team in the CCWG-IG to follow and contribute guidance and thought leadership, or at least provide information feedback in future.  
Priority Item 4 and 6-for item 4.: I also propose that we break item 4 into two topics: 4a) WSIS Outcome Document and its implications for ICANN and the IG Ecosystem and 4b) Report from CSTD Intercessional and Implications for ICANN and IG Ecosystem.-Item 6: given the high level meeting, to me the IG session, its schedule and its focus is a keen priority.  
It would be a " lapse of accountability "  on our part to miss the opportunity to conduct the IG session WHEN the HL attendees are available, and also to overlook that we, the CCWG-IG need to engage with the HL attendees.

I look forward to providing feedback about the excellent CSTD Intercessional, and welcome that we have both myself and Nigel, who attended for ICANN, on our upcoming call. 
The schedule ahead on key events also needs some visibility.
I have updated my timeline for events of critical interest, and perhaps ICANN staff and I can take a look at how to update a schedule post this first of 2016 call.


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Dear Co-ChairsHappy New year to you all.
I am currently on holiday in Australia, where the call time will be 3 am.I can’t attend at that time, and apologise for missing the discussions.
I wish you a productive call,and look forward to the report.
My best wishes for 2016.



On 15/01/2016, at 2:14 pm, Desiree Cabrera <desiree.cabrera at icann.org> wrote:

Dear all,The CCWG IG call is scheduled for
Friday, January 15 at 16:00 UTC.
For more time zone information, please go to: 
Wiki: https://community.icann.org/display/CPMMB/CCWG+on+IG+Teleconference+-+2016.01.15

Draft Agenda:

Introduction, roll call, adoption of agenda (3 minutes)Review of action items of 2015.12.22 call (5 minutes)Discussion on Wuzhen Conference report from Nigel Hickson (5 minutes)Update on CSTD Intersessional (Marilyn Cade; Nigel Hickson - 15 minutes)ICANN in Forthcoming World Economic Forum Davos Conference (10 minutes)

ICANN 55 – High Level Meeting and IG Session (15 minutes)AoB (7 minutes)

continuous rotation of calls with no further doodles

Please join this call by clicking on the Adobe Connect link, upon logging into Adobe Connect, a pop up window will provide
 you the option to Dial Out to your Phone. Enter your Phone Number (Remember to change the Country Code if needed).

Please follow these steps to log into Adobe Connect.
Click on the link to Adobe Connect:
the window pops up, type in your phone number and click “Join”. Please do not click on “Listen Only” or you will not be able to speak.

After joining the call, as a courtesy to others and the presenters, please
MUTE your phone. This can be done by selecting *6 on your keypad. To UNMUTE select *6 again.

Only use the phone option if you are travelling and cannot access Adobe Connect.
If you are Unable to log into Adobe Connect and can only join via phone:
List of International Dial In Numbers:

Participant Passcode:8588900697

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