[ccwg-internet-governance] paper on Internet fragmentation

William Drake wjdrake at gmail.com
Mon Jan 25 08:56:30 UTC 2016


> On Jan 25, 2016, at 00:52, Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond <ocl at gih.com> wrote:
> (all - warning, my email has little to do with ICANN's mandate)

I actually was not aware that this group was only allowed to discus ICANN’s mandate, I thought we were about the broader Internet governance environment and ICANN’s relations with it, in the first instance at NETmundial.  If the former defines the scope of acceptable communication I have no idea what we’ve been doing talking about WSIS action lines etc. for two years since. In any event, my reply isn’t on ICANN’s mandate either, so briefly:
> I do however need to point out one source of fragmentation that is missing which I thought I had pointed out, but perhaps not, and that's search engine fragmentation.

I don’t recall a conversation about this in NYC, so if you’d sent a note that’d have helped. We don’t pretend to have covered every possible example, just what came to mind as illustrative when banging it out.  Maybe you should write something? :-)
> In fact, and I guess that's my second point, contrary to what most people think, most major content is already delivered using content delivery networks with local caching.

Yes it did occur to me too late that we’d not discussed CDNs either.

> Third, while I repeat that the paper is very informative indeed and congratulate you again on it, I cannot help thinking "what are the solutions"? I hope that this will be the object of future work. 

As the paper explains, it’s just a mapping/foundational platform piece for further work and dialogue to build on.  Advancing our personal policy recs was not the mission, facilitating discussion among others about what these could be was.  As I said in a prior message, there’ll be a stream of work in and out of WEF in the months ahead on fragmentation vs openness, and as names and numbers are a piece of the puzzle one might have thought some discussion here would be merited.  But whatever. 



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