[ccwg-internet-governance] Preparing the F2F meeting in Helsinki

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Olivier I offer a few thoughts and one extension to your draft agenda.Goran is new to us, and we are new to him. Mostly. I know. you and a few others saw him at EuroDig, and he came to ICANN55 but he is new... :-)
Proposed edits and additions to your proposed program:

Introductions of all participating: 20 secs each. Name, organizational affiliation; affiliation with an ICANN group; one-two  other relevant facts10 minutes if managed tightly. that would allow for 30 speakers, if it moves quickly. Believe me, we can do it. I just timed myself and I did it in 19 seconds.  We would need to prompt attendees ahead of time, so that they smoothly speak, and understand that you will cut off at 20 sec. 
-Introductory Remarks from the CCWG-IG co chairs regarding what CCWG-IG is and its past and present work [in summary of course] but with some materials == perhaps a two page PP showing the outputs of the CCWG-IG, starting from our origination, which allows us to mention the Town Hall and the input to NetMundial, etc. etc. etc. the sessions that we organize at the ICANN meetings for the public engagement [see below]. I think we can turn to staff to work with us to do the summary PP which after all, draws from work we have already done.10 Min with both online access to the PPs and handouts.
-Introduction of Goran Marby and invitation to share his thoughts about Internet Governance and its relevance to ICANN 10 min++-mini Q and A with Goran: moderated by co-Chairs and probably limited to 2-3 questions
Total of 20 min
*I recommend against using this limited time with the CEO/President on his first official ICANN meeting to discuss CCWGs, their charters. that is more an internal issue within the SOs.  Also, while is suitable for the topic to be raised, I would start with first the 'getting to know each other' approach for this initial engagement with Goran. Some have met him, but this is an official engagement.
-Markus Kummer, Board Chair of IG WG: comments, followed by Q and A
10 -15 Min
CCWG-IG Activities July-Dec 2016-short update about IGF Open Consultation and MAG meeting and IGF Retreat from those who are both CCWG-IG and also IGF MAG members [to be confirmed]
*identify and gather calendar of relevant events for update to calendar of events*plan a 'town hall' for the ICANN57 to address key messages to the IGF and do a survey of ICANN members regarding participation in the IGF2016*Discuss ICANN booth at IGF2016 and its focus and how CCWG-IG can support*Discuss ICANN Open forum at IGF2016 merely for informational purposes, and 'exchange' information about other engagement of CCWG-IG members at IGF2016*Identify ICANN engagement at July ECOSOC - brief update from Tarek/Mandy/Veni/Nigel

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> Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2016 13:02:33 +0200
> Subject: [ccwg-internet-governance] Preparing the F2F meeting in Helsinki
> Dear all,
> following on the Doodle Poll which you have been asked to fill, and the
> discussion we had in this CCWG-IG's latest call, the preferred time for
> a face to face meeting in Helsinki ended up being Tuesday 28 June from
> 17:00-18:30. We have made a room request with full services and it looks
> likely that this will be granted.
> Nigel Hickson has invited Göran Marby to join us for at least part of
> the meeting. Markus Kummer, the Chair of the Board working group on
> Internet Governance and who has already spoken to us in the last
> conference call ( listen to the recording linked from:
> https://community.icann.org/x/8BeOAw ) will also be present.
> We need to build an agenda as soon as possible. I would suggest the
> following topics:
> - discussion with Göran Marby, ICANN President and CEO
> (this discussion will hinge on the function of the CCWG-IG wrt the ICANN
> community, its relationship with its co-chartering organisations, the
> ICANN Board and ICANN staff. The goal for this discussion is to hear the
> new CEO's plans when it comes to Internet Governance and for the CEO to
> hear the CCWG-IG's current work)
> - discussion with Markus Kummer, Chair of Board working group on
> Internet Governance
> (this discussion should be a follow-up of the introductory call between
> the CCWG-IG and BWG-IG Chair)
> - planning for the CCWG-IG's work until the ICANN AGM
> Please comment on the above topics. Please be so kind to make
> suggestions on any other topics, or different discussions you'd like to
> have with Göran and Markus.
> Kindest regards,
> Olivier
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