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I want to be very clear that I do not support a CCWG-IG contribution into a US call for comments re WTSA. I was noting that anyone who has a country that is engaged in the WTSA could reach out to them, regarding their individual views, and noted that many GAC members are attending WTSA but do not support CCWG-IG getting engaged in a country specific comment. and in fact, I think this is out of scope for CCWG-IG, although it might be that some who are on the CCWG-IG will want to discuss and share information. 
I am not opposed to an informational briefing by ICANN, but I am not supportive of CCWG-IG engaging in WTSA, as that is outside the scope of what the purpose of the CCWG-IG is. 

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Good evening; you have already had good feedback on this important issue.  One problem (as touched on in Call) is while one could indeed make general statements (in response to NTIA) would be difficult to have detailed views on Regional positions by middle
 of June given the overall process.  

What we can do, for next Call when WTSA is on agenda; is to give an overview of what we know from the different Regions; our GSE team are covering, as far as practical, all the Regional preparation meetings. 



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Thanks for this Matthew. Indeed, you mentioned it on the call.

I'll add it to the WIKI page.

Question 1: does this WG wish to submit a text at this point in time, in the ICANN context?

Question 2: is ICANN planning on submitting a comment to this call for input?

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Can't recall if this was circulated already on this list but see this request from NTIA for thoughts/comments on WTSA:



On 5/18/2016 4:35 PM, Olivier MJ Crepin-Leblond wrote: 

Hello all, 

following up on today's conference call and as this is likely to be a 

hot topic for the working group in the forthcoming months, I have 

created a WIKI page on the World Telecommunication Standardization 

Assembly (WTSA16). This can be accessed on: 


Please use this page to add more information about the process, the 

contents, the preparations, threats, opportunities, calls for action 

etc. We are likely to use this page as our core workspace for any 

matters pertaining to this important thread. Please also suggest more 

links that could go on this page. 

Kindest regards, 



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