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Thanks, Nigel. I have no problem with having a personal summary from you, as ICANN staff, and thank you for providing it.
I will offer a couple of additional clarifications:First, CSTD has two main workstreams: STI and WSIS Follow up.   There are both panels/plenaries, and resolutions for each of these work streams.  I do urge that as we are overviewing CSTD, that we take a wholistic look at its purpose, as increasingly, as things go forward, WSIS follow up and the integration of the SDGs will more tightly linked to STI. 

CSTD was reaffirmed in its important WSIS follow up role in December, 2015, and I think that is important for the CCWG-IG members who are not perhaps very familiar with CSTD to be aware of. CSTD is a United Nations Commission under UNCTAD, but advises the UNGA via ECOSOC. The member states self nominate via a focal point, for two year terms; and usually a country will have at least two two year terms; but they have to apply and them be approved via ECOSOC processes.  Saudi Arabia did not self nominate in time for approval, and other states from within the region they 'sit in', submitted requests to be approved. There is no process for the CSTD itself to change its membership.  
I will mention that Saudi did apply via ECOSOC last year and was approved, and will return to the CSTD in January, 2017. There will be some other countries that may rotate off at that time.  If anyone wants the list of the CSTD Member States as of now, you can find it online, or email me and I'll forward it. 
There seemed broad agreement by the CSTD member states that the Chair, Peter Major of Hungary, followed proper and transparent procedures in the creation of the CSTD WG on EC. Each of the regions that are recognized in the ECOSOC/CSTD nominated four countries, via a focal point.   Non state groups -- e.g. stakeholder groups, such as technical community, private sector, civil society -- all undertook their own nomination of 5 representatives each, with a invited focus on experience, expertise, and mature understanding of the issue of Enhanced Cooperation, and as much gender and regional diversity as possible. 
I will not be online probably now until mid to late day Wed, due to weather challenges in the US, I am likely to be either in a plane, or an unfriendly airport for some hours.  But, there were also other who are on this CCWGo-IG list in addition to me and Nigel, who stayed until the 2:45 a.m. closing time on Sat a.m.!!! Those last hours were definately when we hammered out the compromises and achieved an accepted outcome. 
To most, in any case.

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Good afternoon; an Action from our last CCWG Call was to share the proposed membership of the CSTD Working Group on Enhanced Cooperation.  The Group is likely to start its work in the Autumn. 

I also thought it might be useful (though others are a better judge) to share a brief overview of the discussions at the CSTD Plenary Meeting earlier this month in Geneva.  Please see attached.  




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