[ccwg-internet-governance] Today's Internet Governance Public Session

matthew shears mshears at cdt.org
Mon Nov 7 06:28:05 UTC 2016

Hi all (IG session moderator here)

Following discussion with the WG leadership, the session this evening in 
IG will be focussed as following:

Elaborated focus of the session:

/*Internet governance in the post IANA transition world*/

Framing questions (including the issue of fragmentation, bullet 2):

  * /H//as the Internet governance world changed post transition?////And
    of so how?///


  * /What forces//at the national, regional and global //levels are
    shaping/will shape Internet and Internet governance in this
    post-transition world? //Is the Internet fragmenting and if so how
    do we preserve the open Internet/

  * /What are the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders
    post-transition?  Is the multistakeholder model
    in////the////ascendancy? What is ICANN's role in//post-//transition
    Internet governance?/

The reason for this slight refocussing is to make the most of 
encouraging further thinking on the Internet governance space 
post-transition and the implications for the Internet and ICANN. The 
questions are designed to encourage a healthy discussion on how the IG 
space has changed (or not) post transition, to identify the key drivers 
in the IG space and to assess the challenges and opportunities for 
stakeholders now that one of the more controversial issues - that of the 
USG's role in the DNS - has, through the transition, been removed.

We will still cover fragmentation but do so in a way that it is 
addressed as one of the shaping elements in Internet governance more 
generally and its potential import to Internet policy and governance in 
the future.

We have a good set of speakers including Milton Mueller, Patrick 
Faltstrom, Jimson Olufuye and Nigel Hickson, as well as other guests to 
be announced.

Looking forward to seeing you this evening.


Matthew Shears
Global Internet Policy and Human Rights
Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT)
+ 44 771 2472987

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