[ccwg-internet-governance] Fwd: [council] AMENDMENT - Motion on Conditional Participation of the GNSO as a Chartering Organization for CCWG-IG

Rafik Dammak rafik.dammak at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 09:09:41 UTC 2016

Hi everyone,

GNSO council just approved unanimously this motion. It is still chartering
organization but we got work to do by Copenhagen meeting.


> 2.         MOTION – Conditional participation of the GNSO as a Chartering
Organization for the Cross Community Working Group to discuss Internet
governance (CWG-IG) issues affecting ICANN
> Made by: Darcy Southwell
> Seconded by:
> a)      The GNSO Council adopted the charter for a Cross Community
Working Group to discuss Internet governance (CWG-IG) issues affecting
ICANN and make recommendations to the chartering organization on these
issues on 15 October 2014, and as such became a Chartering Organization.
> b)      The Charter foresees that “At each ICANN Annual General Meeting,
starting 2014, the Charter and deliverables of the WG shall be reviewed by
the participating SO’s and AC’s to determine whether the WG should
continue, or, close and be dissolved. Consistent with ICANN community
practices, the WG will continue if at least two of the participating SO’s
or AC’s extend the Charter of the WG and notify the other participating
SO’s and AC’s accordingly one month after the annual review date”.
> c)      The CWG-IG provided its first written status update on 23 June
2016 (see
> d)      The GNSO Council recently adopted the “Uniform Framework of
Principles and Recommendations for Cross Community Working Groups” (CWG
Framework) which details the lifecycle of a CCWG including initiation,
formation, operation, decision-making, adoption of Final Report by
Chartering Organizations and closure of CCWG, and post-closure of CCWG.
> e)      The GNSO Council has observed that the CWG-IG does not follow
this lifecycle, nor has it established or adopted an initial work plan and
associated schedule as foreseen in its Charter.
> f)       The GNSO Council recognizes the importance of a continued
dialogue and discussion in relation to the topic of Internet Governance
within an ICANN context.
> g)      The GNSO Council has shared its concerns with the ccNSO Council
and representatives of other SO/ACs on the subject of this CWG and its
> a)      The GNSO Council will continue to participate as a Chartering
Organization for the CWG-IG. However, this participation is conditioned
upon a comprehensive review of the CWG-IG Charter by the CWG-IG, in
accordance with the CWG Framework (
In particular, the GNSO Council expects future work to be subject to a
clear work plan, with regular updates and clear deliverables.
> b)      The GNSO Council expects that the CWG-IG will present by ICANN58
a report on its findings, which may include a revised charter or a
recommendation to reconstitute the group under a new structure.
> c)      Following the submission of the CWG-IG report, the GNSO Council
will consider the recommendations and decide whether or not it will
continue as a Chartering Organization.
> d)      The GNSO Secretariat will communicate this decision to the CWG-IG
Chairs as well as the other Chartering Organizations.
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