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Good morning 

You may recall that colleagues contributed to a previous ITU consultation on
Enabling Access to the Internet.

The below is the next consultation from the ITU Council Working Group on
Developmental Aspects of the Internet.

The GE Team will be hoping to make a contribution on this consultation and
thus would welcome input and contributions for this, and in particular on
the three questions below from an ICANN perspective.

Welcome any views by the 24th December.

You can of course submit personal contributions to the ITU using the link



Nigel Hickson
VP; UN and IGO Engagement

Mobile:  +41 79 951 9625
Twitter:  @njhickson


Topic of discussion
Following the instructions of Council Resolution 1344
<http://www.itu.int/md/S15-CL-C-0112/en>  (Mod. 2015), the ITU Council
Working Group on International Internet-related Public Policy Issues
<http://www.itu.int/en/council/cwg-internet/Pages/default.aspx>  decided on
14 October 2016 to hold an open consultation (online and physical) on the
following topic: 

Developmental Aspects of the Internet
"Considering the importance of Internet to the global digital economy, all
stakeholders are invited to submit their comments on the following key

1. What are the developmental aspects of the Internet (for example,
economic, social, regulatory and technical aspects), especially for
developing countries?
2. How can governments and other stakeholders promote the developmental
aspects of the Internet?
3. What are the challenges and opportunities?"
Accordingly, all stakeholders are invited to provide their answers through
the link provided further below.
Useful information and instructions
Information on the Online Open Consultations
The online open consultations are held throughout the period between two
successive meetings of the CWG-Internet. This process gives an opportunity
to all stakeholders from all nations to express their views with regards to
the topic(s) under discussion.
As responses to the online open consultations can contain lengthy
attachments, short summaries can prove useful to readers and facilitate the
discussion process during the physical open consultation meeting (see
Therefore, submitters are kindly requested to additionally provide a short
summary of their response (max. 3 paragraphs), as part of their submission.
Information on the Physical Open Consultations
A physical open consultation meeting is organized 30 days after the end of
the online open consultation. Discussions during the physical consultation
meeting are based on the responses received during the online consultation
process, which are consolidated in a single document by the ITU Secretariat.
During this physical meeting, respondents to the online consultation have
the opportunity to present their submitted views and to have a fruitful
discussion with the other participants, including Members of the
CWG-Internet. For those not in the position to participate on site, remote
participation is also available upon request.

The deadline for online submissions is 4 January 2017.


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