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This blog entry about the WTSA from ISOC may be useful:


If you wonder why there’s nothing about the direct Internet-related resolutions, the answer is simple – they will be discussed tomorrow, including the one you have the below quoted Statement about.


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URGENT: Cross Community working group on Internet Governance


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Dear Chairs of ICANN Supporting Organisations and Advisory Committees,

please be so kind to find attached, a Statement of the members of the

Cross Community Working Group on Internet Governance (CCWG-IG) relating

to proposals currently being discussed at the World Telecommunications

Standardization Assembly, WTSA16, 26 October - 3 November 2016.

The CCWG-IG has monitored proposals presented by Member States and

whilst several proposals were flagged as having a potential to impact

ICANN, the proposal by the African Telecommunications Union (ATU) on

behalf of several countries, to the World Telecommunication

Standardization Assembly (WTSA) regarding the use of geographic terms

for top level domains, raised concerns. The CCWG-IG prepared the

attached Statement in a bottom-up multistakeholder manner to remind WTSA

participants that the use of geographic names in generic Top Level

Domains (gTLDs) is covered by ICANN policy development processes,

informed by GAC Advice.

This Statement is forwarded to you for distribution to your membership,

with the understanding that it could be useful to your members

participating in the WTSA16 conference.

The ICANN Communities participating in the working group reached

Consensus on the attached text, according to the rules set in the

CCWG-IG's Charter.

Kindest regards,

Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond

Rafik Dammak

Young-Eum Lee

Co-Chairs of the Cross Community Working Group on Internet Governance

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