[ccwg-internet-governance] Preparation of IGF roundtable: #76 Multistakeholder governance of the Domain Name System, lessons learned for other IG issues

Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Thu Aug 3 16:50:14 UTC 2017

Dear Marilyn,

thanks for your follow-up. Please be so kind to find my responses inline:

On 03/08/2017 01:17, Marilyn Cade wrote:
> If you have a room that allows for an interactive approach, so that
> you have 3 minute statements, and then open the floor as a sort of
> 'lightning speakers' and then a set of questions to the audience and
> engagement -- with the audience, you can have all the speakers that
> you have proposed.

It is a roundtable, so having the speakers around the table helps with
not making it a "the stage speaks to the audience" moment.

> It is very important to also have geo diversity, and also include the
> ccTLD community and RIR community, in my personal view.

We have both geographical and gender diversity. On stakeholder diversity
Jordan Carter is from the ccTLD community. On RIR I admit we do have a
missing piece, but do for IGF do we need to check each and every box? We
have 4 Civil Society (including 2 Academics), 3 Gov, 2 ICANN Board,
potentially 3 or 4 Private Sector of whom 1 is Registry (Keith Drazek
has confirmed he can fill that seat) and 1 is Registrar (from early on,
Ben Butler from Go Daddy had been suggested), 1 is IPC (Lori) and a
suggestion for 1 from CIPA (in the BC).
Plus a suggestion that Larry Strickling be added to the line-up. I have
emailed him to ask.

Total: 14 people including moderator & bearing in mind some people wear
multiple hats.

> I am not in any way a candidate to speak. I am merely hoping o help us
> to create a well balanced and effective workshop. 
> However, we need at least one critic about "really" what is ICANN/is
> it truly multi stakeholder?

In another (failed) workshop proposal, I had Parminder listed. There are
lots of ICANN critics available. Do we really want to repeat past
discussion and turn around the question of whether ICANN is
multistakeholder or not? In previous Internet Governance discussions I
have attended at IGF, it seems that we have reached a consensus that
ICANN is a multistakeholder ecosystem. It is a special type of
multistakeholder system. There are other types out there. Should we
focus on going outwards rather than looking inwards?

> And then one at least that can describe that ICANN is unique, as it
> make binding policy on a limited, but critical part of the unique
> identifiers. And how that fits into the larger eco system.

Several people on the current panel are very well versed to be able to
explain this in an eloquent manner.

> And maybe someone who is trying to expand ICANN's functions.

Don't we all fit this criterion? :-)

> Do we have a V.Chair of GAC? good to have ...

Marc Carvell's on board.

Kindest regards,

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