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Thanks, Rafik.

Do I need to re-volunteer?

I did so earlier. but if I need to re-volunteer, I do so.


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hi all,

GNSO council had a motion regarding CCWG-IG as result of discussion about the future of the working group during the last months. We also had discussion during F2F in Johannesburg on the related issued raised by GNSO.

The motion was passed unanimously yesterday  https://community.icann.org/display/gnsocouncilmeetings/Motions+24+August+2017  . It tasks us as group to propose a new vehicle to replace the current structure in coming months. Please find below some of relevant "resolved" items:

"3. The GNSO Council requests that members of the CCWG-IG and others interested parties come together to explore a framework / model that more fully addresses the concerns that have been expressed by the GNSO Council, and submit this framework / model to the GNSO Council for its consideration at the Council meeting mid-way between ICANN 60 and ICANN 61 (e.g. February GNSO Council meeting).

4. To facilitate the work as requested under Resolved clause #3, allowing for a reasonable time to coordinate with other SOs and ACs to develop a new structure, and to ensure there is no gap between the retirement of the CCWG-IG and the establishment of its successor group, the GNSO Council shall withdraw as a Chartering Organization from the CCWG-IG effective at the conclusion of ICANN 61 in San Juan, expecting that a replacement structure will be ready for approval by the Council at that time."

As agreed in previous call, we asked for volunteers to join a small to work on the proposal based on the requrirements and concerns we heard. Now, we have a clear deadline by when we should deliver our work.



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