[ccwg-internet-governance] PUBLIC IG SESSION AT COPENHAGEN (ICANN 58)

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Thank you Nigel for this proposal. I concur with the others regarding sticking to the scope of relevance to ICANN's mission and activity rather than falling into the trap of trying to catch everything that relates to IG more broadly - there are just too many things that would include and it's not the best use of this time and these people as many of us are covering those elsewhere.

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Good afternoon.   As you are aware it was agreed, in a previous dialogue, that we would seek CCWG IG Sessions at ICANN 58 on IG issues (our usual IG Public Session) and a F2F Session of the CCWG.

On the former Olivier has wisely suggested we exchange ideas as to a rough agenda ahead of a discussion on this on a forthcoming Call.

Initial thoughts were we might use this initial meeting of 2017 to:

1.   Briefly review main outcomes on IG front during 2016 (i.e. Where have implications for our work); would include IGF 2016 (perhaps any lessons learned);

2.  Look ahead to main issues during 2017; touching perhaps on Enhanced Cooperation, ITU WSIS meeting and ITU WTDC (World Telecommunications Development Conference)

3.  Discussion on IG priorities for ICANN Community


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