[ccwg-internet-governance] ICANN booth at IGF2017 - community use and presence

Adam Peake adam.peake at icann.org
Mon Nov 20 14:52:54 UTC 2017

Hi everyone,

During the CCWG-IG public forum in Abu Dhabi I spoke about the ICANN booth at this year's IGF.   The booth is for all the ICANN community, to distribute materials, as spot where you can hold briefing sessions, a meeting point, and anything else that might come in useful.

Could those of you on this list acting as liaisons to your respective SO/AC and constituencies let your colleagues know that there will be an ICANN booth in the "IGF Village", that any of your colleagues attending the IGF are welcome to use it.

If you have materials you would like to share (brochures, flyers, etc), please let me <adam.peake at icann.org<mailto:adam.peake at icann.org>> know and we will start making necessary arrangements to have those made available.  As we do with the ICANN booth at regular ICANN meetings, we will also schedule times when SO/AC/constituency members can talk about their groups and activities.  I'll let you know more as we get a bit closer to the start of the IGF (December 18).


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