[ccwg-internet-governance] NOTE OF THE ICANN 61 FACE TO FACE MEETING OF THE CCWG IG; 15/3

Jim Prendergast jim at GALWAYSG.COM
Tue Apr 3 14:38:56 UTC 2018

Question for my own clarification

I know the previous body - the CCWG-IG had formal members selected by the chartering groups as well as observers (category I was in)  Those have very specific meanings and roles in the CCWG framework.

Does the new organizational format have the same categories of participation or is it open to wider audiences to participate without the need for endorsement?

I also like the idea of a session with the Board Working Group prior to ICANN62.  Perhaps we can also encourage them to make one or more of their sessions open to community observation as has been the trend by the Board during workshops and meetings of the Board Technical Committee.  Demonstrates transparency in a way that other proclaimed multistakeholder efforts refuse to.

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Should we be publishing the attendance list, as is done for other CCWG-IGs? I know we did ask for sign in sheets. This would add work, but maybe we could appoint rapporteurs to work with Nigel for future calls?

Also, Nigel, I volunteer to help on the one pager that explains funding for the CCWG-IG.  However, t think that this is more about many in the community not actually understanding the external activities that affect ICANN's stabliity and ability to fulfill its core mission.

Perhaps we should engage in a call with the Board Working Group, co convened, well before ICANN62.


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Good evening; with apologies for delay, and with thanks to Olivier for input, I attach a note of the Session we had in Puerto Rico.


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