[ccwg-internet-governance] ITU EXPERT GROUP ON ITRS; 12/13th APRIL 2018 - FINAL REPORT TO ITU COUNCIL

Nigel Hickson nigel.hickson at icann.org
Tue Apr 17 10:52:13 UTC 2018



Good afternoon. 


As many of you will be aware, from previous dialogue, the ITU has hosted an Expert Group on the International Telecommunication Regulations (ITRs) over the last 18 months or so ( https://www.itu.int/en/council/eg-itrs/Pages/default.aspx ). 


The fourth and final meeting concluded on Friday evening with a Report agreed for the ITU Council (now meeting in Geneva).    It is attached.  ICANN (myself) took part in this meeting with the kind permission of ISOC. 

While the Report generally concluded that having two sets of ITRs (1988 and 2012) in existence was not a problem, it does explicitly mention the desire of several countries to have a new WCIT.    


Usefully, the Report also notes, again with some caveats, that the introduction of competition in the telecoms sector, and in particular the almost total absence of state monopolies, has, in general, made the original rational for the ITRs redundant. The latter being one reason why several member States now want the ITRs, instead, to focus on Internet policy issues, such as cybersecuirty etc.  


The main debate in the Report itself, especially during this final meeting, was on how to fairly reflect the different points of views so each side felt comfortable with the outcome.  


Next Steps 


1. The Report will go to Council (on agenda for Wednesday) where it will be considered / debated.  No further action on The Report (or in Expert Group) is anticipated, though some Members may argue for a further review of ITRs, say, in 5 years; 


2. At Council some Members may indicate their wish for there to be a further WCIT (say in 2020 or 2024) to draw up a new slate of ITRs, and their intention to seek such at PP-18 later in year, through an amendment to RES 146 with respect to the establishment of a preparatory group (as in PP-10).   









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