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Good afternoon 

This is excellent; will be really positive that civil society will be present; but it is a challenge; as there are only so many governments that welcome stakeholders on their delegations. ICANN has no “delegation” as such as we are not sector members.  Fortunately, we are made welcome to be part of other delegations; such as those of ISOC and APNIC. 




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    Hi Judith
    Thanks, it's great to know more.
    I guess the joint civil society initiative I was mentioning was the
    one of civil society organizations like Global Partners Digital and
    And best would be say how does one participate when not affiliated w/
    such CSOs (not really agree, wrong expression there).
    Hi Renata,
    I am on the global civil society initiative we are working to organize
    ourselves and also work with other government delegations to have our
    points addressed. Everyone who is in the global civil society needs to
    be on a government or sector member delegation to participate.  Isoc
    usually also has several ambassadors or fellows join their team as
    well. I am on the us delegation.
    If anyone wants to join the global civil society group do let me know
    I can can get you to the right person.
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