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Hi Renata,

The global group is wide open to participation and we encourage any civil society group to join. It was started by Article 19 by Mehwish Ansari , We have had several meetings already. At the IGF we had N in person meeting where we discussed possible topics of concern.. We are open to anyone group with similar beliefs to join us. The note that was posted on best bits list was discussed by all in the group but many of the smaller groups have not gotten sign off from their groups. Hence, i guess it seemed like it was only those groups who were organizing it. But that is not the case, we are open to all civil society groups interested in working and collaborating together. I know that the two isoc groups I had sent it to are looking at signing it, but have not done so.

For those civil society groups who want to join us, there is a 2 stage process. As I recall you email the list moderators and ask to join. Email pp18moderator at apc.org and the list moderators will review it and then process your request.  APC gave us space and set it up for us, but it s being  run by volunteers who offered their services and are not affiliated with apc.

Any other question, do not hesitate to ask


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> On Feb 6, 2018, at 8:13 AM, Renata Aquino Ribeiro <raquino at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Judith
> Thanks, it's great to know more.
> I guess the joint civil society initiative I was mentioning was the
> one of civil society organizations like Global Partners Digital and
> others
> And best would be say how does one participate when not affiliated w/
> such CSOs (not really agree, wrong expression there).
> Best,
> Renata
> wrote:
> Hi Renata,
> I am on the global civil society initiative we are working to organize
> ourselves and also work with other government delegations to have our
> points addressed. Everyone who is in the global civil society needs to
> be on a government or sector member delegation to participate.  Isoc
> usually also has several ambassadors or fellows join their team as
> well. I am on the us delegation.
> If anyone wants to join the global civil society group do let me know
> I can can get you to the right person.
> Cheers
> Judith
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