[ccwg-internet-governance] WSIS Forum: Open Consultation Process on Thematic Aspects and Innovations on the Format

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Although there are some participants from ICANN community that attend WSIS Forum, there is actually very little overlap, given that there are usually from 1500-2000 attendees at WSIS Forum. It may be a little lighter this year, as it is in March, and I believe that may affect the attendance. However, the stuff I am working on personally is focused on non usual suspects including from the local business leadership community.

I am sure that Tarek and Nigel can help with the Geneva  based missions, and also staff from the IGOs would be good to invite.

Keep in mind that the Geneva Internet Project does do a monthly briefing, and many who are localized to Geneva follow those briefings.

Attendance at these sessions can be a real challenge, unless there is an effort to do outreach ahead of time, and show some value for why someone not familiar with ICANN would select this particular session.


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The MAG session on Monday afternoon is only for new MAG members so that should limit that conflict.  Open Consultation and MAG meeting starts Tuesday morning.

Agree with Marilyn about bringing in non-usual suspects.  And with Farzaneh about panelists.

For a start - Is there some outreach to various Missions that ICANN could facilitate?

We could also use this group’s meeting in Puerto Rico to encourage people to attend if possible but more importantly, publicize with those they know are attending.

Is it possible to do a swag bag (or equivalent) insert for ICANN60 attendees as well?

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I will be at WSIS Forum.

I can volunteer to chair, if helpful

I'd also like to collaborate on how we get an audience, from the non usual "suspects" who attend WSIS Forum.

Timing of the session will be a key issue, of course, given the rest of the very busy program.

Also, we need to keep in mind that the Open Consultation, and the two day MAG meeting will pull off some attendees/possible partici[pants, as MAG members really need to be in this first MAG meeting.



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Hello all,

the announcement below means that we have to put together a workshop in a very short amount of time.

We need to know ASAP:
- who will be present at WSIS Forum
- who is happy to be on the panel and/or Chair. Volunteers/nominations welcome

Kindest regards,


On 08/02/2018 17:53, Nigel Hickson wrote:


Good evening.  Further to the below I have the pleasure in confirming that it was confirmed today that our proposal to hold a CCWG IG Workshop on “A Dialogue on Cooperation Models for approaches to Internet Public Policy Development” at the 2018 WSIS Forum has been approved.

It is scheduled to take place on Monday March 19th from 14.30 to 16.15hrs.



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Subject: WSIS Forum: Open Consultation Process on Thematic Aspects and Innovations on the Format

Good evening

With apologies for delay I enclose the confirmation from the ITU for the submission made, following dialogue on the List, with respect to our involvement in the WSIS Forum in March.

The proposed CCWG IG Workshop is outlined in Paragraph 15(3) entitled “A Dialogue on different cooperation models for approaches to Internet Public Policy development”.



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Subject: [Ext] We have received your response for Open Consultation Process on Thematic Aspects and Innovations on the Format

[IS Forum 2018]

Dear Nigell Hickson ,

Thank you for your submission.


[is star]

 Open Consultation Process on Thematic Aspects and Innovations on the Format

Full name

Nigell Hickson


nigel.hickson at icann.org<mailto:nigel.hickson at icann.org>

Organization name


Organization country

Academia / Technical community

Organisation country


Organisation type

Western Europe




14 Rue du Rhone
1204 Geneva

1. With the goal of ensuring our community is in step with shifting development needs and rapid changes in the digital and social environments, is well-positioned to tackle the future needs of the Information and Knowledge Societies, and stands ready to implement the outcomes of the UN General Assembly's Overall Review 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, please propose innovations that might be introduced in the structure and programme of the WSIS Forum 2018 to further strengthen its effectiveness and outcomes.

The WSIS Forum has evolved in the last few years to become more productive and innovative; especially in the High-Level Track. It now needs to do more on the Workshop front, discouraging the provision of PowerPoint presentations and long panel presentations and moving to a more interactive style of debate.  Guidelines need to be issued to all session organisers to this effect. Provision could also be made for the “WSIS Forum debate” where a relevant WSIS issue is debated among two multi-stakeholder teams; with audience participation.

2. ICTs have the potential to be key enablers of development, and to be critical drivers of innovative solutions in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Please provide suggestions and ideas on how the role of the WSIS Forum could align with the adopted SDGs, taking into account the outcomes of the UNGA Overall WSIS Review.

The WSIS Forum has had, and should have, a key role in discussing the overall Sustainable Development Agenda and the contribution that ICTS can make to meeting many of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  Indeed, perhaps this WSIS Forum could focus on the contribution ICTs make to those Goals that will be the focus of the High Level Political Forum (HLPF) later in the summer.

3. Within the mandate of the WSIS, please suggest main topics and themes for the High-Level Segment of the WSIS Forum 2018 that would make the Forum most impactful (keeping in mind the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the UNGA Overall WSIS Review).

For the High-Level Segment, we would like to see a high-level dialogue on the contribution an Open and non-fragmented Internet can make to development in general and the meeting of the SDGs in particular. Sub-themes could include looking at the economic benefits of an open Internet (and conversely the cost of Internet shutdowns) and how an expanding global Internet can create benefits for developing countries in terms of the provision of bespoke content and services.

4. Please propose some ideas on how to make the High-level Segment more dynamic and interactive.

The High-Level Segment has, in the last couple of years; become more dynamic and interactive.  We think that in continuing such a trend the Chairs of the Panels need to be given firm guidelines on how they conduct their sessions, particularly with regards to the avoidance of participants giving prepared statements and the need for all participants in the room to be involved in the dialogue.

6. How can we ensure more equal participation in the parallel workshops at the WSIS Forum?

We thank the Secretariat for asking this important question.  As discussed in the (excellent) Open Consultation Session on January 20thon the Diversity Divide (in the context of the Council Working Group on Internet Public Policy) we think that diversity of participation in workshops (and other sessions) is fundamental and that no all-male (or all female) sessions should be permitted.

7. Please suggest topics for discussion for specific WSIS Action Lines, also considering emerging trends (for example from the “vision for WSIS beyond 2015” document spelled out emerging trends for each WSIS Action Lines).

While we have outlined some specific Workshop proposals below; we would also like considered:

Action Line 1: The Role of Internet Exchange Points (IXPs)
Action Line 5:  Global approaches to Cybersecurity
Action Line 5:  WEF Centre of Excellence on Cybersecurity
Action Line 8:  The need for local content

9. Please suggest possible partnerships that might strengthen the implementation of WSIS till 2025.

Looking ahead (perhaps for Forums in 2019 and beyond) think partnership with OSCE (Cyber-governance) and Council of Europe (data Protection) would be useful as well as with WEF.

10. Please provide suggestions for topics for the TEDx Talks at WSIS Forum 2018.

1.  What the Internet will look like in 2028
2.  Will the mobile Internet effectively replace fixed line communications
3.  Will there be a future for the DNS?

13. Do you have the possibility to facilitate their participation by sponsoring the travel and accommodation?


14. Please provide the details of any speakers you would like to recommend for WSIS Forum 2018.

ICANN would propose (for the High Level Segment) the involvement of Tarek Kamel, Senior VP for Government and IGO Engagement.  He can be contacted at Tarek.Kamel at icann.org<mailto:Tarek.Kamel at icann.org>

15. If you would like to organise a Thematic Workshop at the Forum, please specify the topic of the workshop.

ICANN would like to suggest (on behalf of the wider Community) three Workshops:

1. “ICANN, Data Protection and the GDPR” - Action Line 5

This Session will look at the importance of data protection with respect to the information handled by Registrars and Registries with respect to the issuance of domain names, the current implications of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and how this could affect the WHOIS (the global directory of registration data for domain names).  Participants in this Roundtable will include officials from Data Protection Authorities (from Europe and elsewhere), ICANN staff and ICANN Community members.  The Session will discuss, among other issues, how other regional initiatives on privacy might affect future arrangements at ICANN.

2. “ICANN, the Government Advisory Committee (GAC) and Capacity Building”
- Action Line 4

This Session will discuss the work being taken forward to enhance, where appropriate, the knowledge and understanding of government officials, and other players, especially in under-served regions, on the working of the Domain Names System and of ICANN with respect to the Domain Name System (DNS). Participants in this Roundtable will include members of the GAC, ICANN Staff and Community members.

3. “A Dialogue on different cooperation models for approaches to Internet Public Policy development” - Action Line 11

This session, organised by the ICANN Cross Community Working Group on Internet Governance (CCWG IG) will look at varying patterns and examples of multi stakeholder engagement across a number of different fora, contrasting their effectiveness and potential lessons to be learned. The views and experiences of all those present will be valuable for this Roundtable discussion. Participants will include members of the ICANN Community.

16. If you would like to set up an Exhibition Stall at the Forum, please specify the theme of the stall and the requirements.

If possible we would like just a table to display literature

17. How will you be participating for the WSIS Forum 2018?


18. Would you like to support participation (travel and accommodation) of WSIS Stakeholders from developing countries?


19. Would you like to sponsor a coffee break or reception at WSIS Forum 2018?


17. Would you be interested in partnership offers during the WSIS Forum 2018?


WSIS Forum 2018[itu.int]<https://nam03.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Furldefense.proofpoint.com%2Fv2%2Furl%3Fu%3Dhttps-3A__www.itu.int_net4_wsis_forum_2018_%26d%3DDwMDaQ%26c%3DFmY1u3PJp6wrcrwll3mSVzgfkbPSS6sJms7xcl4I5cM%26r%3DRrrXyaBfa00GH1liTedM3FwobVakuhJ-qs1N8-Ji8VE%26m%3DGmr9jI_kjwlLMoypFG2ZcP0vziwWRT0hBSKaMsls_lw%26s%3DwqYVi8Hnj3L0JreHovuUVb8_2eDOicogsDymnUH2rEM%26e%3D&data=02%7C01%7C%7Cd45b6a756e75464612e408d574784e18%7C84df9e7fe9f640afb435aaaaaaaaaaaa%7C1%7C0%7C636542982402828036&sdata=Bcf6EGYxJ3oC9w82Iu%2FYptXn2FLBsZMDfdrmCXMeVME%3D&reserved=0>


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