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It’s the ITU News Weekly!
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Latest ITU Newsletter
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Welcome ITU News Weekly readers!

At the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Forum 2018, more
than 2,500 information and communication technology (ICT) experts and
leaders from around the globe have assembled at ITU headquarters in
Geneva, Switzerland to advance technological solutions to accelerate
progress on the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We
also round up top headlines on ICT and development worldwide. Read it
all here in ITU News Weekly!




*WSIS Forum 2018:* The annual WSIS Forum is gathering steam with a full
week of workshops and engaging exhibitions. The Innovation Track @ WSIS
focused on best practices to support innovation ecosystems. A new Youth
is focused on ways to use ICTs to engage youth and reach the SDGs.
<https://news.itu.int/3-ways-to-use-icts-engage-youth-reach-sdgs/> WSIS
also announced the 3 Photo Contest winners
<https://news.itu.int/wsis-forum-photo-contest-winners/> and outstanding
projects at the the Hack Against Hunger hackathon
Watch the highlights from the opening day.
<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6AG7dKkdAk&feature=youtu.be> View the
interactive agenda here.

*Video* <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6AG7dKkdAk&feature=youtu.be>

*ICT Trends*


*Technology and accessibility for persons with disabilities:* Last week,
accessible technologies made headlines with 3 big tech companies making
their tech more accessible. Airbnb announced
it was adding new filters to let guests with disabilities find
accommodations with features they need. Google added “wheelchair
accessible” routes to Google Maps
Apple held a class at the Texas School for the Blind and Visually
Impaired to help visually impaired students learn to write code
and then use the code to fly drones. Last year, ITU launched a dedicated
online portal <https://www.itu.int/en/publications/Pages/Epub.aspx> for
accessible publications for people with visual impairment.

*Find out more* <https://www.itu.int/en/publications/Pages/Epub.aspx>

*E-health and M-heath:* In Yemen, Save the Children is relying on Mobile
Health Clinics
to save lives. How do mobile healthcare apps
help evolve the patient experience and deliver quality care? And new
guidelines for safe and secure management of e-health data
have just been developed. At yesterday’s e-health session at WSIS
ITU and WHO discussed the important role of the Be He at lthy, Be Mobile
programme to help fight non-communicable diseases.

*Learn more*

*Featured Video*

Image <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fu6Bm30kVtM>

*More ICT Trends**

*Mobile Education:* Last week, we reported on a teacher in Ghana using
innovative ways to teach students about ICTs. He was just invited to
attend the Microsoft Education Summit in Singapore.
UNESCO has awarded the King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa Prize for the use
of ICT in Education
to the Connected Learning Initiative (CLIx). And here are 7 of the best,
and free, language learning apps.
Don’t forget – next week is Mobile Learning Week.

*Find out more* <https://en.unesco.org/mlw/2018>

*Stephen Hawking 1942—2018:* Last week, the world lost one the most
influential thinkers of the past century when Stephen Hawking died at
“Not since Albert Einstein has a scientist so captured the public
imagination and endeared himself to tens of millions of people around
the world,” said Michio Kaku, a professor of theoretical physics
at the City University of New York. Hawking probed questions about the
cosmos, including the origins of the Universe and the nature of space
and time.

*Learn more*

*Connected cars — and bikes!* Learn how a Beijing bike share app
helps ‘address last-mile connectivity’ in India. And what can motorsport
teach us about connected car innovation? Watch the interview with James
And Uber’s Southeast Asia rival, Grab, now offers micro-loans
and other financial services, yet another example of the convergence
between financial service providers, messaging apps and ride-sharing

*Learn more* <https://news.itu.int/category/et/connected-car/>

*Start-ups in Space:* Venture Capitalists are seeing value in Space
MIT reports that 2017 saw the highest money investment to date in space
startups, $50 million for Orbital Insight and $75 million for Rocket
Lab. Here are 10 Space Startups
that launched in 2017. And Rocket launch startup Rocket Lab
is moving from its initial testing phase into proper commercial
operations with its next mission.

*Read more*
Image <https://telecomworld.itu.int/take-part-2018/call-for-speakers/>

*Call for Speakers!*

ITU Telecom World 2018 will take place in Durban, Republic of South
Africa. The deadline for nominations for speakers is 31 March 2018.
Submit a speaker today!

*In case you missed it*

*Zimbabwe launches ICT policy:* The government will promote use of ICTs
through investments
<http://www.xinhuanet.com/english/2018-03/14/c_137039241.htm> in
backbone infrastructure, ICT education, research and development as well
as ICT governance. The policy will support young innovators
to bring new innovations into all sectors of the economy.

*Blockchain for rice farming:* In Cambodia, a new project led by Oxfam
and Amru Rice will use blockchain and smart contract technology to link
local farmers and foreign buyers. The project, called BlocRice
is powered by cutting-edge technologies and aims to improve farmers’

*Singapore aims to get the elderly online:* Singapore’s newest telco,
TPG Telecom, announced free SIMs and data plans for elderly citizens.
Earlier this month, Singapore libraries
announced their plan to equip 300,000 people, mostly seniors, with
digital skills. These projects help support the government’s ‘Smart
Nation’ initiative. <https://www.smartnation.sg/>

*Machine learning translation:* Microsoft announced an AI breakthrough
last week, as their Chinese-to-English machine translation
is capable of translating general news articles from Chinese to English
with the same accuracy as a person. Meanwhile, Google Translate
continues to improve their machine translation offering with neural


*Skills for the future:* According to Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates
these skills will give you the most opportunity in the job markets of
the future. You don’t have to be an expert “writing code,” he said, but
“basic knowledge of the sciences, math skills [and] economics” will help
you out tremendously.

*Mobile Cash Transfers:* Fighting poverty with direct cash payments is
more common now than ever before. Josh Martin and Laura Rawlings
explain how incorporating behavioral science into Cash Transfer programs
is changing lives.

Image <https://www.itu.int/en/itunews/Pages/default.aspx>

*Latest ITU News Magazine**

New trends in infrastructure sharing, key policy views from regulators
in various markets and private sector insights, including the rise of
tower companies (towercos) as a key player.

*Keep up to date with ITU*

*World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Forum 2018.*
<https://www.itu.int/net4/wsis/forum/2018/> Geneva, Switzerland. 19-23
March 2018.

*Mobile Learning Week. <https://en.unesco.org/mlw/2018>* Paris, France.
26-30 March 2018.

*International Girls in ICT Day.*
Worldwide. 26 April 2018.

*AI for Good Global Summit.
<https://www.itu.int/en/ITU-T/AI/2018/Pages/default.aspx>* Geneva,
Switzerland. 15-17 May 2018.

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