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Sun Oct 14 23:21:26 UTC 2018

I have added  a couple of thoughts to this discussion, and will look at the WIKI pages to comment.

I find it hard to follow 'in thread' comments, so have just provided some comments under a relevant heading.

first, though, special thanks to Olivier and ICANN staff for your support to the CCWG-IG.

Discussion about IGF2018 during the ICANN session of the CCWG-IG:
Identifying topics at IGF2018 that are relevant to ICANN is what was suggested, I think. So, broader than just  referencing what ICANN or the CCWG-IG is organizing, but offering ideas about other sessions, including the emerging ideas about major changes in the IGF itself, and what that might mean to ICANN and IG issues that affect ICANN does seem relevant.

Comment about 2018 IGF:
Yes, it is a bit unique.  And has some challenges for those of us who usually organize Day Zero events, but it is an important gathering of IG stakeholders, much broader than ICANN or IGF, and this year will have  some unique aspects that are important to understand and take advantage of -- some in the ICANN community are not following IGF or IG issues as closely as we do, so I hope that we can use our session for 'info' purposes.   Some may still be deciding on whether to attend IGF2018 -- if they are from the contracted party community in particular, or governments.

Focus on the SDGs:
That emerged two years ago, at the express invitation of the UN SecGen.  And it was added into both main sessions and workshops since 2017.  A few of the SDGs are directly relevant to ICANN's core mission -- eg. SDG 9 and SDG 17.

ITU Plenipot:
Yes, important to update on what is current re the PP and its implications for ICANN's mission.  While I support this, as the ITU PP is the urgent event in the next few months,  I think that ICANN is taking far too much for granted with the other UN agencies and should also be recognizing what is relevant at CSTD/UNCTAD, UNESCO, and WIPO.  I know that some are also focused on WTO, but there is much more to be accomplished in positive engagement with UNCTAD.

So, for this meeting, yes to ITU PP, but it should be fact based about what proposals are presented in writing that affect ICANN. Elections are not a good use of the community's time,

UN Panel on Digital Cooperation

I support including the DC Panel Secretariat.  Some of the members are not well aware of ICANN and it is important the the community speaks, not a single member of the Panel.

I am not sure what the reference to budget was about, as we don't fund travel as the CCWG, as I recall. Inviting an external speaker -- such as someone from the Secretariat/or also from the Panel seems quite worthwhile.

For other purposes, they  may already be planning to attend, given the HL GAC event.

High Level GAC discussion
This seems important to have an update on, as their discussions are usually quite informative.

Update from the Chair of the Board WG:
I also think it is useful to have a formal message from he Chair of the BC WG on IG -- particularly any discussions that take place in the Board "retreats". I am not a fan of those closed sessions but at least there should be updates to the broader community, given that the Board does travel to those multi day retreats funded by ICANN budget.
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