[ccwg-internet-governance] CCWG IG: IG PUBLIC SESSION: PROPOSALS FOR PP-18

Nigel Hickson nigel.hickson at icann.org
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Good afternoon, in advance of the discussion on ITU PP-18 at the IG Public Session at ICANN 63 (see https://63.schedule.icann.org/meetings/901774) I attach a brief outline of Resolutions (that are to be discussed) of possible interest to ICANN. 


I also attach proposals for the Conference from the Arab Group of Countries. There are, in these, a number of potential implications for ICAAN, with the following some extracts from proposals for amending Resolutions 102 and 133:


Resolution 102 (Page 27)


noting with concern

a)            that ICANN decisions on some gTLDs applications that refer to sensitive strings where there are objections from the majority of the concerned community or allocated without taking approval from the responsible entity in the member state;


b)            while Governments bring a unique perspective on public policy issues and remain the most legitimate stakeholders when it comes to protecting public interest, the Government role in ICANN is continued to be overlooked for many facts including their role as an advisory, through the Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC), whereas other constituencies exercise a decisional role, for instance through the drafting of policy recommendations,


Instructs the Secretary General


10.          to urge ICANN to coordinate with the member State concerned when assigning TLDs and to respect the issue of member state sovereignty and to comply with the international and national laws,



Resolution 133 (Page 61)


alarmed by

the difficulties member states are facing to implement appropriate and language specific requirements with the ICANN, leading to limiting the spread and the enrichment of the online content.



Look forward to seeing you physically (and if not I hope virtually) in Barcelona. 







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