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Good morning; with apologies for the delay, please find below a Note of this Call last week.  


Could I take opportunity to emphasise importance of entering into a rapid dialogue (as Olivier indicated after Call) with respect to any Workshop proposal we might make for IGF 2019.  April 12th is a firm deadline for applications. 


Best wishes 











This was a constructive Call in which we took forward arrangements for the CCWG IG Workshop at the WSIS Forum 2019 on 11th April in Geneva and also discussed ideas for a Workshop proposal for the IGF 2019 in November. Ideas will be worked up on the Mailing list for submission of proposal by 12th April. 




For details of Call and agenda; see https://community.icann.org/display/CPMMB/CCWG+on+IG+Teleconference+-+2019.03.28


1. Roll Call. Welcome, adoptions of the agenda and Introduction


Olivier Crepin-Leblond welcomed all to Call; the first since our physical meetings at ICANN 64.  He noted discussion of the Legislative Tracking “Charter” would be subject of a future Call of CCWG IG in a few weeks. 


Desiree Cabrera did the Roll Call 


Marilyn Cade asked for an AOB re meetings of CCWG IG at ICANN 65 



2. Organisation of the WSIS Forum Workshop


Olivier noted the time and Room for Workshop on “ICANN, the GDPR and WHOIS”; which is from 16.30-18.15hrs on Thursday, 11th April; see https://www.itu.int/en/itu-wsis/Documents/Agenda2019/WF19_DraftAgenda.pdf?cb=0R1PE3 [itu.int]


He went over status of Workshop, noting the interactions with Kurt Pritz (as chair of EPDP Group) and the somewhat muted feedback; with exception of Kavouss Arasteh. 


Nigel Hickson noted possible participants, which included Olivier as moderator, and Elena Plexida from GE team and offer from Lor Schulman to take part. 


In discussion 

We talked about cast; and need for civil society representation; 
Noted that remote participation possible but Marilyn suggested may not be so good for a presentation; 
Ben Wallis was mentioned as a panelist; but he confirmed was tied up in another session; 
On the format; Nigel and Olivier suggested: 
Phase 1; what has taken place 
Road map for Phase 2 
Role of TSG in relation to EPDP process 
Nigel noted Tatiana Tropina (CS) had offered to join remotely but could not be in Geneva 
Nigel noted we would follow up with Technical Study Group (TSG) to secure a speaker.   


3. Organisation of an IGF 2019 Workshop  


The Call for proposals is at https://www.intgovforum.org/multilingual/content/igf-2019-call-for-workshop-proposals-0 [intgovforum.org] with a cut off of 12th April for applications. 



Olivier went over past workshops and described the different sessions we had hosted. He asked for ideas for Workshops?


Hadia Elminiawi – suggested we could provide an update on the Phase 2 GDPR / WHOIS  EPDP discussions which will still be relevant. 


Marilyn suggested that a wider topic to keep to themes outlined (link); could be perhaps “security and security”; a relevant issues at present. 


Veni Markovski concurred on relevance sharing this links; 

https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/moscow-shouldnt-misjudge-the-mueller-moment/2019/03/27/5b6544e6-50fb-11e9-8d28-f5149e5a2fda_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.a33268218d79 [washingtonpost.com]


https://www.facebook.com/RusEmbUSA/photos/a.493759737501088/990105344533189/?type=3&theater [facebook.com]

Hadia noted you could potentially link up both themes; could link the two, given relevance of WHOIS to secuirt. 
Olivier summed up noting the two potential options that had been outlined; namely a session on “EPDP / WHOIS” or on “security and stability” focussed perhaps on DNS elements.  
Olivier – concluded that would put these Options to List and look for volunteers and contributors; will also liaise with RSSAC and SSAC if latter topic gains traction; 
Nigel reminded Call that we only had to 12th April and had to provide at least three confirmed panelists;   

4. CCEG IG Charter Update


Olivier Summed up where we are on issue post ICANN 64 and after discussion with GAC and other SO/ACs; he noted the gNSO were still to determine whether to be a Chartered member; the ccNSO had decided against (though wanted to coordinate on IG issues); ALAC were more positive and GAC were due to decide after a presentation to them.


He noted that under Charter of CCWG IG we are no longer constituted as only had ALAC as a member; 


In discussion 

Was noted that we could have a looser arrangement, without Chartered members; as the Human Rights WG do, or some other arrangement; 
Marilyn noted importance of having a platform, the voice of which the ICANN Board would listen to; 
Nigel noted value organisation placed on this opportunity for discussion, including with the Board WG; 


5. Any other Business 


(i) ICANN 65 


Marilyn asked whether consideration had been given to what sessions the CCWG IG would have at ICANN 65 (Policy forum); 


Olivier noted that in all previous Policy Forums we had just had a F2F meeting of CCWG IG along with Board WG; was difficult obtaining slots; 



Action: Was agreed we would seek to have a CCWG IG F2F meeting 


(ii) UNCTAD E-Commerce Week 


Nigel referred to involvement of ICANN in this Geneva public form the following week and a session on Capacity Building we were hosting with other bodies; see https://eweek2019.unctad.org/meetings/957424 [eweek2019.unctad.org]




GE; 1 April; 2019















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