[ccwg-internet-governance] Action Items re: Organisation of an IGF Workshop (was: Re: CCWG-IG call of Thursday, March 28)

Lori Schulman lschulman at inta.org
Sun Apr 14 08:35:19 UTC 2019

I agree with Marilyn.  ICANN should always submit thoughtful proposals especially if ICANN is to maintain its place as a though leader in internet governance.  My issue is that this proposal needed a simple project plan so that we could assign someone to write narrative, someone to confirm speakers, someone to find resources to link to, etc. so we have a compliant, cohesive proposal.  We aren't there with this concept and I don't think that we will be unless 1 person jumps in now  for each of the tasks that I have described above and we pull this out of our hats.

In terms of vetting, I do recall that we agreed that it is impractical to have all SO/AC's vet but we should have a proposal in good enough form that we can show to various subject matter experts, etc. within our community for feedback.

I am not in the position to manage this last minute proposal as I will be in transit most of today and I am on CET time.   I won't be home until  at least 9 pm CET and this is due at 1 am CET if I recall.

What I am willing to do is volunteer now to coordinate whatever the next proposal is and pass on this one.  I am also willing  do a review /edit as soon as I am home if some else takes the lead in the next 6-8 hours.


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On 13-04-19 16:52, Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond wrote:

> With 24Hr to go until the deadline, is this the general feeling in the
> group?

I definitely agree with Keith.


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