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Good evening; in the Session which I attended I do not recall specific issues / problems being raised (as issues that could be addressed by these proposed arrangements); but had the sense that they would be the sort of issues (privacy, cybersecurity, jurisdiction, data-governance, content regulation etc) discussed before in the context of the perceived need for new fora; 






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Thanks for this "heads up."  


When I read these descriptions, I find myself slightly nodding my head, but at the same time it feels unreal without any framework around the space of issues. Whether these approaches make sense will depend upon the nature, complexity, size, comprehensiveness, and scope, as well as the extent of the solution desired and the successful execution of a feasible implementation.


Were any examples given of specific problem statements given that would be amenable to solution by such approaches.  If not, perhaps you could pose a few to help the discussion to move forward? 


Best regards,



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Good morning.  We briefly discussed the work of the UN High Level Panel in Digital Cooperation Panel, touched on below, in a recent Call and during the IG Public Session in Kobe. 


The Panel held a public session at the WSIS Forum; a report of it by the Geneva Internet Platform (GIP) is at https://dig.watch/sessions/road-testing-governance-models-secretary-general%E2%80%99s-high-level-panel-digital-cooperation [dig.watch]


A Report will be delivered to the UN Secretary General, by the Panel, in early June.


Of potential significance to ICANN (and more broadly within the IG Ecosystem) are the draft proposals in the Report for new Cooperative Models (for Internet policy discussions); these were described as follows: 


The first model is imagined as a ‘network of networks/experts’. Once an organisation, a company, or a government poses an issue, a call for organisations/think-tanks/universities that have signed an agreement of commitment to solve the issue would form an entity or a forum. This entity or a forum would convene for a certain period to answer the question and to propose a solution. Their work would be hosted at an established organisation (e.g. the International Telecommunication Union), which would act as an organisational catering for the discussion, inviting the global community to take part in answering the question. It would promote private-public-partnerships.


It was noted that the “forum” could perhaps meet annually to discuss priorities. 


The second model is building on the Internet Governance (IGF) digital architecture. This IGF+ model would affirm the expertise of the IGF approach and philosophy, while moving the process to the next phase. To connect the dots between different discussion arenas it would act as a ‘coordination accelerator’. It would provide problem solving as a ‘policy incubator’, and would serve as a ‘helpdesk’ for developing nations in accessing resources.


The third model is the Digital Commons Platform, which would provide a place for better understanding of digital commons and global public goods. This platform would deal with public goods and commons related to the Sustainable Development Goals. It would be a technical body housed within the United Nations system.









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April 2019 Update

UN Secretary-General António Guterres established a High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation to advance a global multi-stakeholder dialogue on how inter-disciplinary and cooperative approaches can help ensure a safe and inclusive digital future for all.

Since its establishment in July 2018, the Panel has held three in-person meetings, and carried out a wide-ranging consultation process to hear the views and proposals of stakeholders across regions, sectors and disciplines.

This included visits to several major tech hubs and capital cities, participation in over 60 conferences and workshops, organization of 7 expert discussion groups and 7 public Virtual Town Halls, a call for contributions that yielded over 150 detailed written submissions and an online survey completed by over 300 respondents. 

Consultation Highlights


Read the guiding questions and summaries [twitter.us18.list-manage.com] from discussion groups and workshops on topics including:  
Inclusive Development & Capacity Building 
Data & Data-Driven Technologies 
Digital Trust & Security 
Human Rights & Human Agency 
Inclusive Participation in the Digital Economy 
Values & Principles for Digital Cooperation 
Methods & Mechanisms of Digital Cooperation 
View submissions received [twitter.us18.list-manage.com] in response to the open Call for Contributions 
Explore stories & trends [twitter.us18.list-manage.com] from the survey and consultation process 

Insights [twitter.us18.list-manage.com]

Recent & Upcoming Engagements

This month, the High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation met in Helsinki [twitter.us18.list-manage.com] to work on its final report which is scheduled for submission to the UN Secretary-General by early June 2019.

This was preceded by a joint meeting with the EU’s Global Tech Panel at the Nokia campus in Espoo, Finland. This meeting offered an opportunity to exchange views on global governance in the digital age, including the capacity needed for societies both to understand and manage challenges ahead, and to leverage digital technologies to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.


As part of an ongoing series of engagements with digital policy communities in the weeks ahead, the Panel will work with partners to hold a series of regional dialogues to collect perspectives on regional priorities for digital cooperation and gather feedback on the Panel’s draft recommendations: 
Dialogue Series: Africa (18 & 25 April) [twitter.us18.list-manage.com]
Dialogue Series: Latin America & The Caribbean (17 & 24 April) [twitter.us18.list-manage.com]
For information on past & upcoming events, please visit: https://digitalcooperation.org/events/ [twitter.us18.list-manage.com]

Thank you to the many individuals, organizations and partners around the world who have collaborated by hosting events, sharing ideas and research, and advancing global dialogue on the importance of cooperation in the digital age. To continue the conversation, tag #DigitalCooperation or @UNSGDigiCoop.


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