[ccwg-internet-governance] Alibaba proposal to SG17 and the impact on the DNS

tonyarholmes tonyarholmes at btinternet.com
Fri Aug 30 13:52:37 UTC 2019

The proposal from Alibaba in C720 to the current SG17 meeting was discussed


It became clear that the manner in which the issues were set out in C670
didn't really reflect the concerns they wanted addressed.


In terms of content, despite original claims within the document there was
acceptance that the DNS has pretty good performance, stability and
availability characteristics and that wasn't the cause of their concerns.  


What also became clear is that there are a couple of problems to solve and
there is no need for a new or different resolution framework to be created
in order to solve them.  


The main  problem stems from OID arc's which are missing or not implemented
and work is now underway within SG17 to fix this problem within the existing
OID infrastructure.


So in summary, no threat to the DNS and everyone can relax.






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