[ccwg-internet-governance] Notes of CCWG-IG call of Monday, February 4

Veni Markovski veni.markovski at icann.org
Mon Feb 11 12:17:48 UTC 2019

As some of you asked me to send the documents we discussed, see attached
They establish the two new groups at the UN General Assembly. I include also a third documents, a cybercrime resolution. The 8-character are the actual UN names; I've put additional explanation in the file description.
Also, for those of you, who don't follow the IGF MAG, it might be useful also to read what the Russian government representative to the MAG said on January 28 with regards to one of the UN groups, the Open-Ended Working Group, which was established upon a Russian-proposed resolution:
"It's really important, the U.N -- and one of the main provisions of this resolution is that United Nations should play a leading role in promoting dialogue among member states to develop common understanding on the security and the use of ICTs.  And what is really important which I think is really important and what we have -- what we should discuss how to implement this, the establishment of open-ended working group which is proposed by this resolution, where all U.N. member states without exception will be able to take part in. This open-ended working group will be authorized to consider the entire range of issues related to international information security.  It will continue as a priority to further develop the rules, norms, and principles of responsible behavior of states' information space.  Also, the resolution for the first time stipulates the establishment of groups' intersessional consultative meetings with business, nongovernmental organizations, academia, technical community, which I believe are at the core of IGF, the core of multistakeholderism which is really important.
And, also, the status of this working group is very high because unlike the previous group of governmental experts on international information security, this open-end working group will be a full-fledged body of the U.N. General Assembly with the right to draft and recommend any documents to member states including drafts of international treaties.
I really think that given that we also have relevant BPF in the IGF, we should find some time to explore how we can contribute to the work of this group, how we can implement some of the decisions because I think that some -- there is some institutional process taking place.  And the IGF should also not be outside of this process.  Thank you very much."

The Open-ended Working Group will meet for the first time in New York on June 3-4, and the GGE on December 9-13. We will keep you informed on the developments there, but if you see something, please, email me.


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Dear Marilyn,

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