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Good afternoon.  Some of you will have probably seen this.  Essentially, we are being given opportunity to submit abstracts in connection with this work.  






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Dear colleagues,


As some of you may know, the Internet Society recently launched a report on consolidation in the Internet economy, the Global Internet Report 2019: Consolidation in the Internet Economy [future.internetsociety.org].


When we started the work on the report last year our ambition was to provide clear answers and recommendations - but instead it raised an even longer set of questions. Thus, in 2019 the Internet Society will continue to work on the topic of consolidation, and as part of this effort we are collaborating with Chatham House on a special issue of the Journal of Cyber Policy on precisely this topic. 


For the special issue we are looking for contributions from a range of disciplines (computer science, economics, political science, engineering, law etc), centered around a set of key issue areas. Thus, sending out to this list to encourage anyone who might be interested in submitting an abstract to look at the Call for Papers, available here (deadline for abstracts 1 April): https://think.taylorandfrancis.com/journal-cyber-policy-internet-consolidation/ [think.taylorandfrancis.com]  


And if you know of other people that may be interested in submitting something we would greatly appreciate your help with circulating the call for papers in your circles!


All the best,




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