[ccwg-internet-governance] UN Secretary-General on his plan for 2020 - relevant parts for this list

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Fri Jan 24 12:51:01 UTC 2020

Dear colleagues,
The UN Secretary-General spoke<https://www.un.org/sg/en/content/sg/statement/2020-01-22/secretary-generals-remarks-the-general-assembly-his-priorities-for-2020-bilingual-delivered-scroll-down-for-all-english-version> about his priorities for 2020, and there are few items, which might be of interest for the members of this list. To make it easier, I’ve marked with yellow some of the relevant points.
The roadmap he’s talking about – you may remember this is follow up of the report of the High-Level Panel on Digital Cooperation. It is also expected that the SG will appoint a digital (tech) envoy – someone at a high level at the UN.

Here’s the quote:

We also must usher in order to the Wild West of cyberspace.
Terrorists, white supremacists and others who sow hate are exploiting the internet and social media.
Bots are spreading disinformation, fueling polarization and undermining democracies.
Next year, cybercrime will cost $6 trillion.
Cyberspace itself is at risk of cleaving in two.
We must work against digital fragmentation by promoting global digital cooperation.
The United Nations is a tailor-made platform for governments, business, civil society and others to come together to formulate new protocols and norms, to define red-lines, and to build agile and flexible regulatory frameworks.
Some responses may require legally-binding measures.
Others may be based on voluntary cooperation and the exchange of best practices.
This includes support for existing processes and institutions like the Open-Ended Working Group on information and telecommunications in the context of security, and the Group of Government Experts on advancing responsible behavior in cyberspace and within the General Assembly.
I believe consensus has been built to strengthen the Internet Governance Forum to serve as a central gathering point to discuss and propose effective digital policies.
Following up on the Report of the High-level Panel on Digital Cooperation, I will soon present a Roadmap for Digital Cooperation covering internet connectivity, human rights, trust and security in the age of digital interdependence.


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